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We are deeply committed to designing residential and community projects that enhance liveability, foster social interaction, and promote sustainability. Our projects are characterised by resident first design, ecological sensitivity, and a strong focus on creating vibrant, connected communities.

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We prioritise community needs in designs, ensuring that spaces are welcoming, inclusive, and conducive to social interaction. Our projects often include features like communal gardens, play areas, and multifunctional public spaces that encourage residents to engage with their environment and each other.

Little Bay Cove

Sustainability is at the core of McGregor Coxall’s residential projects. They incorporate green infrastructure, energy-efficient building practices, and sustainable materials to minimise environmental impact and create healthy living environments. Water-sensitive urban design (WSUD) principles are frequently applied to manage stormwater and enhance local ecosystems.

Emblem Apartments, Waterloo

Our projects are designed with a deep respect for cultural and historical contexts. By integrating local heritage and cultural narratives into design, we create spaces that resonate with the community’s identity and history.

Little Bay Cove