Serpentine House

Private Client / Suffolk, UK

Serpentine House, a private 1.8-hectare estate in Suffolk, merges historical elegance with environmental consciousness. McGregor Coxall’s landscape design transforms this pastoral setting into a contemporary garden, emphasising sustainability and ecological enhancement.

The innovative approach intertwines energy and water management with the natural landscape, fostering a symbiotic relationship between the built environment and its verdant surrounds. Drawing inspiration from the neighbouring Easton Hall’s serpentine wall, the design incorporates curvilinear forms, blending formal gardens with the untamed countryside.

Key features include the utilisation of an existing watercourse for runoff attenuation, terraces that echo the estate’s curvature, and minimal-intervention strategies to bolster local biodiversity. The proposal celebrates the site’s heritage, integrating a ‘crinkle-crankle’ wall reminiscent of Easton Hall, while traditional English garden principles guide the transition from manicured spaces to natural scenery.

The design culminates in a harmonious outdoor living area, extending indoor luxury into a stone-paved, nature-enveloped sanctuary.


Images by Wyrd Tree.



Site Area

1.8 ha


  • Tate & Co
  • Haydens
  • Hoare Lea
  • PT Projects
  • Engenuitti
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