Portwall Lane Car Park, Redcliffe

Goram Homes / Bristol, UK

A living future, Redcliffe Park symbolises a bold new beginning for sustainable housing in the heart of Bristol, delicately balancing heritage with the requirements for a prosperous future.

Lead architects, Groupwork, collaborated with McGregor Coxall and Hydrock to win the national design competition, presenting a resilient public realm scheme that envelopes 122 new dwellings – of which 40% are affordable – within a contemporary synergy of landscape, architecture, ecological design and cultural history. The community co-designed masterplan is a conscious and energetic proposal which aims to reference the Architectural language of Bristol’s past.

Built form champions materials and strategies for a sustainable future while a landscaped public offering is built for daily amenity – bolstered by water attenuation, biodiversity, and communal agriculture initiatives. The block offers four points of entry to its inner courtyard, framing views of the iconic St. Mary Redcliffe Church and the river, while unlocking traversable ground levels from East to West, and North to South.

The project was shortlisted for the Pineapple Award’s Future Place category.

Images by GROUPWORK.



Site Area

1.35 ha


  • Public Realm Planning and Design
  • Community Engagement
  • Heritage
  • Landscape Master Plan
  • Park
  • Regeneration


  • Hydrock
  • Vectos
  • Faithful & Gould
  • Rapleys
  • Lichfields
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A vibrant urban park filled with lush green trees and colorful flower beds, nestled near Portwall Lane in Redcliffe. People are sitting on benches, walking, and socializing. Overhead, an elevated walkway passes through the greenery, adding an architectural element to the serene outdoor space.
A green park in Redcliffe with a mix of trees and open space. People walk and sit on benches, enjoying the outdoor scenery. To the right is a tall, pointed church steeple. Modern buildings with greenery on top are visible in the background under a partly cloudy sky near Portwall Lane.
A park scene on a rainy day near Redcliffe features individuals walking with umbrellas. A stream runs alongside a path, with trees and grassy areas. A tall, pointed church steeple is visible in the background, and modern buildings with greenery are on the left by the Portwall Lane Car Park.
A street scene at dusk on Portwall Lane in Redcliffe features historic-style buildings with lit windows and multiple story levels. Pedestrians walk along the street, and trees partially frame the view. The sky is clear, highlighting the architectural details of the structures beside a nearby car park.
A courtyard with people sitting and walking, surrounded by modern buildings and lush greenery on Portwall Lane. The space includes trees, plants, and benches. In the background, there is a large archway and the spire of a traditional church building in Redcliffe is visible.
An open atrium with a high, arching entrance provides a view of Redcliffe's Gothic-style church spire in the distance. Several people are seated at tables, some conversing, while others stroll through. Glass walls and modern architecture complement the greenery hanging from the upper levels near Portwall Lane Car Park.
A lively street scene on Portwall Lane, Redcliffe, features people walking and biking between modern red-brick and older grey-brick buildings, lined with trees. In the background, a church with a tall spire is visible under a clear sky beside a bustling car park.