Far Rock

NYC Dept.Housing & Development / Queens, United States

In response to the devastating impact of Hurricane Sandy in the Greater New York Area, the 50 hectare FAR ROC competition site was promoted as a laboratory to explore best practices in waterfront development for the 21st century. McGregor Coxall designed a modern beach community comprising 2300 residential units and 47,000 sqm of commercial space, that rapidly transforms into an emergency response centre for low lying surrounding communities.

Using nature as the engineer, the master plan proposes a replenished coastal dune system and parkland supported by a vibrant array of community and recreation facilities all connected to the beach access ways and LIFEline. The LIFEline doubles as a generous new regional pedestrian and cycling spine and a community escape path above the flood waters when code red hurricane conditions prevail. This resilient design approach is supported by flood doors on all ground floor business and shops and an Emergency Response Centre located at the top of the landmark BEACON tower. Our entry was shortlisted out of 117 submissons.

Site Area

120 ha


  • Competition
  • Open Space
  • Landscape Master Plan
  • Site Massing Studies
  • Streetscape
  • Urban Design Framework
  • Waterfront