ECO1+2 / Zetland, Australia

ECO 1+2 apartments were recently awarded a New South Wales Commendation for Environment in Landscape Architecture by the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects. The two sites are located within Victoria Park, Zetland. Eco 1 comprises of four separate buildings arranged around a large common courtyard, while Eco 2 has three separate buildings arranged around a large common courtyard. The courts provide meeting spaces and relaxation areas for passive personal activities, in addition, the landscape acts as detention areas [biosink] for onsite storm water containment and infiltration. First flush roof water is sent directly to the central courtyard biosink, where it is directed into a sand soakage pit to infiltrate into the water table through wetland plantings. Clean roof water is transported to the courtyards’ retention tanks where it is stored for irrigation.

Site Area

.85 ha


  • Waltcorp