Gloucester Heritage Action Zone

Gloucester City council & Gloucester County Council / Gloucester, UK

McGregor Coxall led the transformative Historic England Heritage Action Zone Cathedral Quarter public realm improvement project on Westgate Street in Gloucester.

The initiative aimed to create inviting spaces for people to pause and enjoy historic views on the street, complimented by and nestled within biodiverse planting schemes which would grow and flourish.

Streetlife planters featured single and multi-stem trees and biodiverse plant species and include a mix of bench edge and conical planters, installed alongside existing benches.

New benches were inscribed with historical tales of Gloucester, and carefully situated alongside the street’s new interpretation plaques, which included the addition of ten Beatrix Potter mouse trail plaques. These elements highlight the street and Cathedral Quarter’s rich historic narrative.

The project installation was completed in Summer 2024.



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