Victoria Park, Zetland Stage 3

Victoria Park, Zetland Stage 3 / Zetland, Australia

Located on the Victoria Park Stage three site in Green Square, Zetland, on a 6800m2 site, this project consists of 224 apartments in four separate buildings arranged around a single large common courtyard. The landscape concept is based on the idea of nature in the city and the resulting DNA and cellular forms that make up living organisms. Celebrating 50 years since Watson and Crick discovered the DNA double helix it pays homage to the natural genetic processes of meiosis and mitosis, the splitting and duplication of cells. A distinctive playground with a yellow rope veil structure makes reference to the forms of the twisted double helix acting as a spatial divider between ground floor apartments and the central courtyard space. A living vertical wall covered in stag horn ferns is a backdrop to the main stairway.

Site Area

.68 ha


  • Waltcorp