Water + Environment

Leaders in environmental design, we focus on sustainable solutions that enhance ecological health and resilience. Our projects integrate water-sensitive urban design (WSUD) principles and environmental sustainability to create landscapes that are both functional and beautiful.

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We achieve innovative water management through our water-sensitive urban design (WSUD) projects. By integrating stormwater management systems like wetlands and bio-retention basins into urban areas, our projects enhance water quality, reduce flooding, and support local biodiversity.

Coastal regeneration

Dedicated to restoring natural habitats, McGregor Coxall enhances biodiversity and promotes ecological resilience. Our projects rehabilitate degraded landscapes, reintroduce native species, and create wildlife corridors, ensuring sustainable and thriving ecosystems.

McGregor Coxall’s sustainable infrastructure projects harmonise with natural landscapes, using recycled materials and renewable energy solutions. Our designs support natural processes and mitigate environmental impact, creating resilient and eco-friendly urban environments.