Established in 1998

From humble beginnings in Manly (Sydney) in 1998, McGregor Coxall has grown to over 100 experts working across the globe to design resilient cities and environments that contribute to a sustainable and prosperous tomorrow.

Our research-led approach, underpinned by the philosophy of Biourbanism, views cities as living systems interconnected with nature. We believe that by understanding and working with these systems, we can create urban environments that are not only functional and beautiful but also resilient to the challenges of climate change and rapid urbanisation.

We are committed to working collaboratively with our clients to create value, meet development goals, elevate ESG performance, mitigate climate risk, and deliver mutually beneficial outcomes to communities and the environment.

Biourbanism Lab

Processes global data to generate digital solutions, geospatial intelligence, digital twins, analysis tools, bespoke project software and climate projections.

Climate Resilience

Provides resilience services and nature-based solutions for cities, urban settlements, coastlines, waterways and environments.

Landscape Architecture

Deploys creative design thinking to deliver resilient and innovative outcomes for public spaces, parks and green infrastructure.

Urban Design

Shapes resilient, smart cities and places using a systems-based workflow, developing feasibility, design strategy, policy and implementation plans.

What is Biourbanism?

Watch Founder and Chief Design Officer Adrian McGregor present Biourbanism at a recent conference in Brisbane.