Mitre Wharf

London Green / London, UK

Mitre Wharf, commissioned by London Green and set along the Grand Union Canal, epitomises innovative residential community planning on a constrained site.

Collaboratively envisioned by Goldstein Heather and McGregor Coxall, the development integrates homes into the wider regeneration landscape of the Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation. Its landscape design eloquently fuses functionality and aesthetics, boasting standout features like the welcoming Arrival Space and the bustling Central Terrace, connecting communal areas to natural waterfront beauty.

A standout feature is the project’s pioneering playscape approach, masterfully executed by McGregor Coxall. This approach seamlessly melds incidental, informal, and formal play elements to craft an inclusive environment that caters to diverse age ranges and needs. Through imaginative play elements integrated within planters, planting, and paving patterns, children are not only entertained but connected to nature. Accompanied by considerations for accessibility and multifunctionality, Mitre Wharf emerges as a beacon of urban design, artfully intertwining community living, history, and playful engagement.


Images by Goldstein Heather.



Site Area



  • Community Engagement
  • Heritage
  • Landscape Master Plan
  • Park
  • Open Space
  • Play Space
  • Public Realm Planning and Design
  • Regeneration
  • Waterfront


  • Goldstein Heather
  • London Structures Lab
  • Quod
  • Integration
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