SHENZHEN STUDIO OPENS News / Event / Media / 04.06.2018

McGregor Coxall have relocated China studio operations to Shenzhen with the appointment of Michael Patte as studio leader. Michael brings more than 20 years experience in the field of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning in France and China. With the past 10 years spent in Shenzhen, Michael has worked on numerous collaborations with some of the worlds‘ most recognised companies. In March 2014, Michael was awarded by the UNESCO - Shenzhen City of Design as 'Best Creative', an award for his dedication to culture and urban development.  The move coincides with our participation in the Shenzhen Xiangmihu international competition in collaboration with our Bristol studio and the recent Shenzhen Danaoke Park international design competition win.  The team also recently submitted the Qianjing Waterfront Park, a 4.3km River Promenade in Hangzhou and will continue to pursue opportunities across the region.