Expansion to China and Europe

Expansion to China and Europe

Expansion to China and Europe News / Event / 01.09.2016

As part of our strategy for expanding services into Asia and Europe McGregor Coxall has opened new studios in Shanghai and Bristol. The Shanghai studio is led by Associate Director Jack Qian whilst the Bristol studio is led by Associate Director Michael Cowdy. Both spent many years in the Sydney studio and they continue to have close involvement with McGregor Coxall projects globally. The new studios are building on existing relationships with global clients. 

The Shanghai studio will look to build on momentum gathered from participation in Australia Week in China 2016 in which the team toured some of the country’s first Sponge Cities. The team has already been selected to progress onto the next stage for the Qianhai Guiwan Park International Design Competition in Shenzhen. The project exemplifies our commitment to delivering world leading design and sustainability outcomes for China.  

The UK studio headed by Global Urban design leader Michael Cowdy will be operational from 19th September and will initially focus on the Urbanism and master planning sector. His passion rests in integrating masterplanning and placemaking to create healthy, climate adaptive, and vibrant places that sensitively respond to a local community’s needs. 

Director Adrian McGregor said,  “These are very exciting times for the company. We have a team in place that will really help us evolve as an organisation.  Working closely with our global clients we look forward to contributing to major projects globally.”