Ann Deng Joins Board as Director

Ann Deng Joins Board as Director

Ann Deng Joins Board as Director News / Media / 21.03.2024

Congratulations to Ann, now a part-owner of McGregor Coxall. 

Congratulations are in order for Ann Deng, who is now a part-owner of McGregor Coxall and has joined the board as a director.

Ann's appointment reflects a growing commitment as we continue to shape our next generation of leadership based on a diverse cultural mosaic. Ann holds over 13 years of experience at McGregor Coxall, joining the firm in 2010 when it was a small studio of 20 people.

During her time, Ann led Sydney Landscape Architecture (2016-2019) and has been involved in key award-winning projects, including Linggang Airport, Greenway Links, Calyx, and most recently, the Drying Green and the Art Gallery of NSW’s Sydney Modern. Ann is currently leading our global Quality Assurance program and is based in the Sydney studio.

Our dedication to clients and broader communities to deliver environmentally resilient solutions has never been stronger. Ann Deng is pictured with Founder & Chief Design Officer, Adrian McGregor and Chairman & Director of Design, Philip Coxall.