McGregor Coxall announces new promotions

McGregor Coxall announces new promotions

McGregor Coxall announces new promotions News / Media / 22.09.2023

28 new promotions have been revealed across four disciplines and five studios. 

At McGregor Coxall, our journey towards becoming a global design leader is driven by the passion and expertise of our team.

We are excited to celebrate the dedication of the remarkable individuals who have achieved promotions across our four disciplines and five studios.

McGregor Coxall remains committed to fostering growth and nurturing talent across our organisation, these promotions reflect our teams’ capacity to deliver city-shaping projects for a better future, globally.

“These promotions are a testament to the talent, dedication, and innovative spirit that defines McGregor Coxall,” says CEO, George Panos.

“Our success is marked by the incredible people who form the core of our business. Looking ahead I can envision a future where we continue to lead the way in shaping a brighter, more prosperous world.

“Recognising the accomplishments and personal progression of the talented individuals who are making this possible is one of the joys of my role.”

Congratulations to all the individuals who have achieved these well-deserved promotions:

Rupert Carmichael | Senior Associate Technical Lead

Michael Polifrone | Senior Associate Landscape Architect, Melbourne

Jim Riley | Senior Associate Landscape Architect, Sydney

Chloe Street | Associate Landscape Architect, Melbourne

Yara Bassam | BIM Manager, Sydney

Logan Pennington | Associate Landscape Architect, Sydney

Angus Duetz | Associate Landscape Architect, Sydney

Shaw Abrey | Associate Environmental Engineer, Sydney

Lucas Peralta | Associate Environmental Engineer, Sydney

Kate Cowdy | Head of Operations, UK

Thomas Flugge | Senior Landscape Architect, Reconciliation Partnerships Leader, Melbourne

Robert Lovick | Senior Landscape Architect, Melbourne

Amelie Touboul | Senior Landscape Architect, Sydney

Sidonie Travers | Senior Landscape Architect, UK

Ilona Feklistova | Senior Landscape Architect, UK

Manasi Sabnis | Senior Geospatial Analyst, Sydney

Giovana Laborne | Senior Urban Designer, Sydney

Dafni Filipa | Senior Strategic Designer, UK

Amber Guo | Senior Bids Coordinator, Sydney

Michael Piper | Senior Graphic Designer, Sydney

Nick Kempster | Professional Landscape Architect, Melbourne

Alexandra Duff | Professional Landscape Architect, Sydney

Julia White | Professional Landscape Architect, Sydney

Yaoyao Zhang | Professional Landscape Architect, Sydney

Jayden Yip | Professional Landscape Architect, Sydney

Nora Shao | Professional Landscape Architect, Sydney

Sophie Thomas | Narrative Designer, UK

Ashleigh Vissel | Professional Urban Designer, Sydney

Jasmine Phaktham | Professional Urban Designer, Sydney