Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan fully endorsed

Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan fully endorsed

Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan fully endorsed News / Insights / Media / 06.07.2022

Our studios across Australia are committed to engaging with reconciliation and Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people not only through our projects, but through our social and cultural networks.

As such, McGregor Coxall is proud to announce our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) – titled ‘Listen, Learn and Acknowledge’ – has been fully endorsed by Reconciliation Australia.

Our RAP journey has been championed through Melbourne Landscape Architect, Thomas Flugge, who formed a close working relationship with First Nations engagement consultants, Kulpa Mardita, throughout the development of his master’s project through RMIT University (2019).

Thomas’ project, titled ‘Enclaves and Field Conservation’, maps the New South Wales-based Culpra Station site through the lens of different fields of knowledge: conservation, Aboriginal cultural values and agricultural values. The project seeks opportunities with Country that intersect these fields of knowledge.

This was foundational in forming McGregor Coxall’s relationship with Kulpa Mardita Director, Barkandji knowledge holder and mother, Sophia Pearce.

Kulpa Mardita are integral part to our collective reconciliation journey with ambitions of establishing long-term organisational relationships and enduring collaborations on projects.

Thomas Flugge, Landscape Architect and RAP Chair, said:

“As designers, we recognize that our sphere of influence is far reaching, and we have the power and the responsibility to create positive change within our profession and the built environment.

“It is important to acknowledge and recognise the past to understand the impacts of colonization and address historic and ongoing injustices. It is this understanding that has led McGregor Coxall to embark on embedding a Reconciliation Action Plan into our practice – an ongoing journey that will become part of McGregor Coxall as practice, not process.”

McGregor Coxall will continue to work closely with Kulpa Mardita and RMIT University to build cultural awareness and capacity throughout the reconciliation journey.

You can read our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan ‘Listen, Learn and Acknowledge’ here.