The latest edition of Landscape Architecture Frontiers is out now, featuring contributions from Thomas Rivard, Michael Cowdy, and Jack Qian entitled 'The City as an Eco-system of Events.'

Abstract: Cities are critical not only as vehicles for progress, but also as centres of diversity and resilience. Confronted with intensifying climates, social, ecological and economic, our projects accept and challenge these stories which underpin city-making: the engine of economic progress, the marketplace of cultural production and the myth of our separation from “nature.”

The success of the contemporary city is built on a paradoxical relationship with two pressures: global development and environmental impacts. To address these crises, McGregor Coxall works at two scales, simultaneously, on all our projects: in the large-scale realm of regional economic development and ecosystemic operations, and at the scale of the person, the street and the neighbourhood. The systemic understanding provides the contextual basis by which projects perform, economically and environmentally, while our understanding of communities makes each project a genuine product of its time, place and culture.