Blue-green influx for Brisbane Studio

Blue-green influx for Brisbane Studio

Blue-green influx for Brisbane Studio News / Event / 18.08.2022

McGregor Coxall welcomes the arrival of Matthew Moore (Associate, Landscape Architecture) and Owen Richards (Global Environment Leader) to its Brisbane Studio.

Matthew brings 13-plus years’ experience as a landscape architect alongside Owen’s 26 years of environmental, civil and water engineering expertise – a most fruitful blue-green combination synonymous with McGregor Coxall’s interdisciplinary offering.

“What attracted me to McGregor Coxall was their unique approach to landscape architecture within cities’ wider contexts,” said Matthew. “By approaching design through an interdisciplinary lens, you’re able to achieve more tangible environmental, economic, and community outcomes.”

“When you start exploring the overlap between urban designers, landscape architects, engineering, and environmental disciplines, you’re able to have a more robust, sophisticated conversation about design. That ability to work together to solve complex problems is something I enjoy and what appealed to me about McGregor Coxall who take it one step further.”

“This collaborative holism is reflective of the times in terms of the complexity of the world’s problems, and how should we approach these challenges.”

Following a two-year tenure in McGregor Coxall’s Melbourne Studio, Owen says he’s excited by the surging growth that Brisbane – his new hometown – is experiencing.

“Queensland is fast-becoming a progressive state of organisations and local governments, embracing a paradigm shift that supports its growing population,” said Owen. “This is characterised by a shift from business-as-usual in civic infrastructure and development towards decentralised water management practices and blue-green, nature-based solutions.

“I look forward to working with Queensland’s communities in the delivery of such solutions.”

People, not projects are what Matthew attributes his professional growth to.

“When I reflect on my career and where I’ve come from, it’s largely due to the people I’ve worked with who’ve invested their mentorship in me as a young designer,” he said.

“That is what I value most – working with people who are passionate about their area of expertise and bring a whole lot of different parts together. This is the premise in which I believe McGregor Coxall is built on.”

Brisbane born-and-bred, Matthew believes the state’s natural beauty is its greatest asset – and should be treated as such.

“For Brisbane, it’s all about the climate. The ability to be outside for most of the year, whether that’s in cities or the natural environment, is why I’m still in Brisbane. That ability to live life outdoors – and the potential for Brisbane to become a 24-hour city.”

“Ultimately, that’s what I look forward to at McGregor Coxall – shaping places for not just human habitation, but humans within a system beyond a ‘top-of-the-food-pyramid’ approach.”