SHENZHEN PECHA KUCHA News / Event / 25.07.2018

The Shenzhen studio had a great night participating in the July edition of the Shenzhen Pecha Kucha. Adrian McGregor presented Biourbanism: A New Trajectory in Sustainable Development to an audience of over 300 at the Vanke design commune. Supported by McGregor Coxall's global and local project experience the lecture considered how we can contribute to the building of resilient and adaptive cities through the utilisation and management of the ten interconnected Biourbanism systems, to create more BioCities in China.

With the rapid urbanisation taking place in China and globally, we all face ever-growing challenges on water crisis, resource scarcity and overpopulated cities. Recognising that cities need disruptive, smart solutions to tackle shared global challenges, the Biourbanism platform seeks to strengthen interdisciplinary collaboration to improve resilience in urban, rural and natural environments.   Adrian's talk was followed by a half an hour Q&A session where we received innovative and inspiring questions from local architects, artists, designers, industry experts and students.