Bristol Studio Designs Cultural Precinct in Turkey

Bristol Studio Designs Cultural Precinct in Turkey

Bristol Studio Designs Cultural Precinct in Turkey News / New Project / 17.03.2017

The Bandirma Park Competition called for innovative ideas to develop a new genre of open space capable of housing a regionally significant research and education facility. Overlooking the Marmara Sea the 26 ha site is imagined as symbol for imagination and innovation whilst providing vital recreation amenity for the local community. Our Gardens of Imagination concept embraces the opportunity to deliver an public space alternative to the industrial urban typology that exists in the city. Taking a holistic and multi-layered approach, Bandirma Hayal Bahçeler represents an iconic vision that respects the regions past whilst looking towards an inventive future.

Through a unique synergy of spatial experiences, Bandirma Hayal Bahçeler symbolises a bold new beginning, where an imaginative future is revealed through a contemporary synergy of landscape, architecture, ecological design and cultural history. Bandirma Hayal Bahçeler's landscape is designed to stimulate creative endeavour, imaginative thinking and knowledge sharing. It's also a space for respite within a tranquil setting. Through an integrated layering of dramatic landscapes, multi-level experiences and sensory stimulators, Bandirma Hayal Bahçeler emerges from its historical remnants as an international symbol for creative endeavour. Contrasting landscapes such as the iconic 'Oval', 'Botanic Garden', 'Orchard 'and 'Southern Terraces' are all framed by a dramatic natural urban forest that strengthens the sites existing Garrigue formation. The evolutionary principles that frame the concept are as follows;

– Integrate: Seamlessly integrate with the sites emerging context.

– Organise: Organise the site using an iconic form.

– Juxtapose: Juxtapose the contemporary with the old.

– Define: Define the open space with a built form.

– Respond: Respond to the sites history with a contemporary bold layer.

– Connect: Connect the site to its context and surroundings.

– Icon: Create an icon that has a national and international presence.