GRAMPIANS PEAK TRAIL ADVANCING News / New Project / 04.08.2017

McGregor Coxall has been appointed to deliver the implementation phase of the Grampians Peak Trail (GPT). The project will deliver “A series of high quality, sustainable Hiker Camps, constructed along the length of the Grampians Peaks Trail, providing an exceptional camping experience in a range of stunning natural environments" (Premier Andrews May 2015).

The design team will work in close collaboration with client Parks Victoria and key stakeholders to deliver detailed design and construction documentation for 11 hiker camps and one group camp along the 160 km route traversing the Grampians from Mt Zero (Mura Mura) in the north to Dunkeld in the south.

Nature based tourism is one of the fastest growing tourism sectors internationally. Victoria is well placed to meet visitor demands due to its incredible offering of diverse, intimate and authentic experiences in natural settings. The total number of walkers using the Grampians Peaks Trail is expected to increase to approximately 44,000 by 2030 with a further increase of day walkers using the new trails and assets.

Curated over 13 days, the Grampians Peak Trail will conserve, protect and celebrate the unique beauty of the Gariwerds (Grampians), positioning the range as one of Walk Victoria’s Icons, a branded portfolio of four long-distance walks which offer world-class walking experiences.

Project director Christian Borchert said, ‘Each of the twelve sites will be designed and constructed to respond to, and benefit from, individual characteristics such as vistas, exposure to weather, topography and vegetation. The overnight nodes will be designed to benefit from this diversity. Each site will enable the walkers to experience very distinct and different experiences of the Grampians. Through rigorous site analysis, it is possible to develop a sweep of places that all are intrinsically interwoven and connected with their surrounds, revealing and interpreting the stories that define each site.’