Sydney Central Station City Park

Sydney Central Station City Park

Sydney Central Station City Park News / New Project / Biocity Studio / 16.04.2013

Belmore Park Master Plan 

Belmore Park is one of Sydney’s oldest, yet undervalued and least recognised parks. Located in front of Central Station, the 2.1 hectare Belmore Park has been eroded by progressive railway infrastructure encroachments. McGregor Coxall in association with Choi Ropiha Fighera Architects and a team of seven consultants are developing a strategic master plan with the City of Sydney to create one of Sydney’s new ‘Three City Squares’ outlined in the City’s Sustainable Sydney 2030 program.

The plan resurrects the park as an active forecourt by concentrating the pedestrian network and improves view corridors with phased tree replacements. The plan establishes a central recreation spine to activate the park, and increases the area of flexible open space for event use. Passive surveillance is improved by removing barriers, and activating the edges by incorporating the Western Ramp and light rail into the park.

The restoration of the existing Bandstand and adaptive reuse of a former men’s convenience will also signify the renewal of Belmore Park. The Strategic Master Plan establishes a vision and a framework that can activate and reconnect people with the park.