Shipwreck Coast Masterplan Launched

Shipwreck Coast Masterplan Launched

Shipwreck Coast Masterplan Launched News / Media / Project Opening / 23.03.2015

The Shipwreck Coast Masterplan has been launched by the State Govt of Victoria.  Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Water, Lisa Neville unveiled the project which aims to protect, enhance and celebrate one of Australia’s most recognisable and visited natural attractions.  

The minister said, “The Shipwreck Coast is an international tourist destination and we will work with the local community to continue to strengthen the local economy through sustainable tourism. The master plan will help guide the protection of the coast, improvement of facilities and visitor opportunities over the next 20 years.”The project recently won the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects Excellence Award for Planning (Victoria).  

McGregor Coxall director Mark Haycox commented, “On the ground change is already underway and we hope to see further funding committed for the implementation phase of the project, which will stimulate job growth and boost local economies in the region”