Earle of Melbourne: Unveiling Melbourne's newest leader

Earle of Melbourne: Unveiling Melbourne's newest leader

Earle of Melbourne: Unveiling Melbourne's newest leader News / Media / 12.09.2022

Associate Director Katie Earle joins Co-Studio Leaders Nick Griffin and Miranda Wilkinson to complete Melbourne’s leadership team for 2022.

Katie, who has spent the last 18 months in Manly at McGregor Coxall’s Sydney Studio, had been eyeing off a move to Victoria when the opportunity arose.

“I have been exceptionally fortunate to have already built a wonderful relationship with the highly successful and growing McGregor Coxall Melbourne Studio team, so when the business released the strategic role of Associate Director, it was my cue to make the transition,” she said.

“We now have a team of three Associate Directors in Landscape Architecture in Melbourne, two of whom are female, which is a true credit to the inclusive culture McGregor Coxall is embracing now and into the future.”

Worldly experiences across the Middle East and Australia have shaped Katie as a leader, highlighting a clear gap in industry skillsets generally.

“I have found that Landscape Architects tend to take one of two career paths: one towards design and technical excellence, and the other towards business and leadership,” Katie said. “It has always fascinated me that the profession hasn’t quite yet grasped how to nurture Landscape Architecture professionals to excel at both.

“My personal goal and my goal as a leader will be to set an example of how we can bridge that gap.”

Katie’s top priority, however, is clear.

“I really don’t think anything competes more that the imperceptible challenge of all the facets relating to climate change,” she said. “All built professionals have a role taking control and correcting the trajectory of our planet. The techniques to do this are infinite and available, it just takes a matter of prioritisation.”

A firm advocate of the profession, Katie has been a member of the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) NSW Chapter Executive Committee – championing several initiatives throughout that time including delivery of the Shadesmart CPD programme.

“Being a part of the NSW Chapter Executive of AILA, I get a chance to continue to advocate for the profession, but also help drive the AILA policies and strategies to guarantee the health and longevity of the institute.

“There is so much to be done to get Landscape Architects that seat at the table.”

In exciting news, Katie has been named as a Director on AILA's National Board in 2022. A firm advocate of equitable practice, climate resilience, and emerging leadership, we look forward to watching Katie’s journey in advocating betterments for the industry and our communities.

For more information, head to the AILA website.

Pictured: Nick Griffin (Melbourne Co-Studio Leader, Associate Director), Katie Earle (Associate Director), Miranda Wilkinson (Melbourne Co-Studio Leader, Associate Director)