Southbank’s Riverside Quay renewal plan

Southbank’s Riverside Quay renewal plan News / Project Milestone / Media / 14.08.2015

McGregor Coxalls ‘Place Vision’ for the Riverside Quay Place Renewal project has been made public. McGregor Coxall is working in collaboration with the community, Mirvac and the City of Melbourne to establish a master plan to renew Riverside Quay on Melbourne’s Southbank. The key objective of the project is to create an inviting and authentic local part of Melbourne for residents, those that work there and visitors to the area. The project’s vision and master plan are being informed by a generative design process with community input at each stage of the project through site activities, surveys and community engagement workshops.  The Riverside Quay project area has a broad mix of uses including residential apartments, commercial office buildings, civic and arts facilities as well as showrooms, retail tenancies, cafes, bars and restaurants. The area of public open space has previously been underutilised and seen as a place of transition. The project aim is to create a space one step back from the busy waterfront that is a place of respite for locals and visitors away from busy city life.