Green light for Parramatta City River Strategy

Green light for Parramatta City River Strategy News / Media / 25.05.2015

Parramatta City River Strategy features on 7 news following the councils endorsement of the project Monday 25 May.  We hope some healthy discussion on the topic of Urban Renewal will follow.  The Parramatta City River Strategy is an urban renewal plan prepared by McGregor Coxall to revitalise a 1.5km, 30 hectare stretch of Parramatta’s river corridor and directly link it with the city, has been given the go ahead by Parramatta City Council. The $200 million public domain project features Sydney’s largest public plaza, River Square, which will accommodate up to 10,000 people. The plaza incorporates Australia’s first ‘Water Square’, a multi-functional public space that can be used to host events such as New Year’s Eve, art events, children’s play and swimming. An urban beach, complete with sand, is located nearby.