RIZHAO WATERFRONT PARK News / Project Milestone / 15.08.2018

Rizhao Art & Sculpture Park is a 10ha urban parkland and the first stage in the creation of a brand new city district. The landmark project combines art, culture and environmental education, presenting an integrated series of artworks allowing people to explore and learn. The masterplan connects and activates the precinct through the establishment of physical and visual links across the foreshore and a new pedestrian bridge across the river. The ESD strategy combines an innovative sponge city water management system supported by a lily pond and underground storage tank. Storm water is treated by a rainwater bio-swale, a series of rain gardens and interconnected watercourses that clean the water before it is discharged. A central canal evacuates overflow during heavy rain. The western gateway is activated by the adjacent commercial zone, linking the open space with malls and outdoor restaurant space. The central lawn provides space for events and cultural celebration. Running along this spine the central esplanade leads to a riverfront plaza and lookout point that drops down to the waters edge. The northern timberland and fern forest, is animated by a public art a structure that lights up over the canopy to capture the imagination of children and encourage nature play.