Glenorchy Art and Sculpture Park [GASP!]

Glenorchy Art and Sculpture Park [GASP!] News / Project Milestone / 02.06.2014

Set in Glenorchy, Tasmania on the Derwent River - Glenorchy Art and Sculpture Park [GASP!] curves Elwick Bay’s east edge and terminates at Wilkinsons Point to bookend the Museum of Old and New Art [MONA] which opened in January 2011. MONA is changing the social and cultural fabric of the region and has had an enormous positive impact on tourism and the local economy. McGregor Coxall worked together with Room 11 Architects to design the second stage of GASP! to create a spectacular setting for art, sculpture and experience. The site was formally used as a construction deck for the Bowen Bridge and new sections of the Tasman Bridge following its partial collapse in 1975. The site’s industrial heritage has been retained through numerous design strategies including reuse of the existing concrete wharf and its supporting infrastructure and the reclamation and refinishing sea wall piers for seating. Existing finishes and materials have been complemented by reclaimed stone, new precast and insitu concrete and the wharf has been punctuated by new planting to bring colour to this incredibly exposed site.