Construction Documentation completed on Drying Green park

Construction Documentation completed on Drying Green park News / Project Milestone / 18.09.2015

Construction Documentation for the Drying Green Park is near completion. Named after its historic use as a wool washing and drying facility, this modern urban park provides much needed open space for residents located at the heart of Green Squares urban regeneration. To enable construction of the park a disused industrial warehouse will be demolished and the soil decontaminated. The park is part of a ribbon of new public spaces that link the library plaza and Gunyama Park.  The Drying Green features a large inclined lawn berm bisected by a primary pedestrian spine sequentially revealing the park interior to walkers. Two large flat lawn areas are located either side of the spine providing access to a covered barbecue structure and the public amenities building concealed under a green roof and berm. Featuring a world class water sensitive urban design; a new cascading wetland has been included on the northern edge of the park, tracing the route of the historic Sheas Stream and its associated wetlands. Flanked by native cabbage tree palms, this green infrastructure cleans urban storm runoff flowing below the park in concrete culverts before diverting it to the Alexandria canal.