Restore, Renew, Retrofit

Restore, Renew, Retrofit

Restore, Renew, Retrofit News / Insights / Media / Publication / 04.08.2023

Designing for housing affordability, lifestyle and planetary care 

In a world filled with uncertainty, one of the greatest concerns for young Australians is the future. Homeownership, our planet, and a quality lifestyle are but a few.

As parents, we worry about the lives our children will have, the choices they will have, and the general state of the planet. As fathers of teenagers and toddlers respectively, we have been discussing these concerns for the two generations and what they may foreshadow for their futures.

Let’s look at some numbers.

Statistics reveal that 70% of young Australians are uncertain about ever owning a home or dwelling , longing for the choice of specific lifestyles instead of living on the fringes of cities, kilometres away from friends, family, and work. It’s important to note that 71% of the Australian population lives in cities and despite the significant amount of people, 37% of young people within that population are feeling isolated or alone . And the cherry on top: around 70% of people aged 16-25 are ‘extremely worried’ or ‘very worried’ about the climate.

This is more than a housing crisis, but a wellbeing crisis as well.

It's also crucial to acknowledge the consequences of urban’ sprawl, such as long commutes, limited access to amenities, strained services, and environmental degradation resulting from land clearing.

Layered problems, yes – but not beyond repair. Naturally, Australia is not alone in addressing these concerns. McGregor Coxall has worked on housing projects internationally and throughout Australia. Below are key take outs from Redcliffe Park, a housing affordability project in the UK.