Trojan – Back to the City

University of Newcastle / Newcastle, Australia

Surrogate Trojan, a Back to The City collaboration between:Richard Goodwin, Adrian McGregor and Russell Lowe in Newcastle. When three Greenpeace activists were arrested on 6 December 2006 for blockading the floating dock at Kooragang Island the rest of Australia took notice for a day. They were trying to prevent an international grains trader sneaking 57,000 tonnes of Canadian Genetically Modified [GM] canola seed to its Newcastle plant.

From there it was shifted silently around Australia to produce margarine, mayonnaise, canola oil and animal feed, ultimately ending up on Australia’s dinner tables. As vessels slip silently in and out of the port we give little thought to their hidden cargo. Like the Trojan Horse of antiquity, these surrogate mother ships spawn an invasion to which most of us remain oblivious.


  • Art Installation
  • Public Institution
Adrian McGregor
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