Maitland Levee

Maitland Levee / Maitland, Australia

The historic High Street Precinct at the heart of Maitland has been in decline for the past decade due to competition from suburban shopping malls. Our masterplan utilised urbanism strategies to revive the local economy by repositioning Central Maitland as a leisure based retail activity centre supported by a night time local produce & wine economy. As project team leader we were commissioned to implement our regeneration plan to convert the former outdoor pedestrian Mall into a new High Street, a wifi connected shared zone & active public realm.

A new Riverwalk located on the flood embankment and a River Link public building were also designed to reconnect the precinct to the adjacent Hunter River. The design juxtaposes an elegant, high tech public domain with the grand heritage fabric. Planned with embedded flexibility for future change, parking spaces can be shuffled and swapped for outdoor dining as retail tenancies change. LED street lighting allows the entire street mood to be instantly changed to support a diverse calendar of events and festivals.

Site Area

2 ha


  • The Choi Ropiha Fighera Unit Trust
  • Northrop Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd
  • City Plan Services MBMpl Pty Ltd
  • Morris Goding Access Consulting
  • Alluvium Consulting Australia Landscape Solutions
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New High street for Maitland in event mode
Maitland levee river link building
New High street for Maitland in event mode