Language Landscapes | Tirweddau Iaith

Jump Spark Ltd / Sherman Theatre, Cardiff; Eryri Visitor’s Centre, Betwys-Y-Coed

Jump Spark Ltd commissioned McGregor Coxall to design a visual installation for a bilingual audio installation project with Eryri National Park and Sherman Theatre Cardiff exploring the themes of language, landscape, nature, and place. The design created an immersive environment exploring whether linguistic determinism and language loss correlates with our experience of climate change and biodiversity loss. The design emphasised the experience of ‘noticing’ whereby the themes of all four pieces intertwine in visual metaphor and dramaturgically-led experiences. The design included an opportunity for audiences to share and adopt nature words in situ.

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A personal journey into landscape in a digital age, delving into nature words, placenames and stories. This is an exploration both of language lost, and language gained. Drawn from workshops and interviews with participants across Wales, including multiple groups from the Sherman.

Lleisiau Milltir Sgwâr (Voices of the Square Mile)
A kaleidoscope of voices explore the ways in which the Welsh language, landscape and legends define how they see nature. Drawn from workshops and interviews with participants across Wales.

Gathering Day (Diwrnod Casglu)
An elderly woman retraces the path where she met her husband, travelling through the memories and landscape which shaped their lives together.

Yr Arallfyd (The Other World)
On her first day working for the forestry commission, Buddug is in the middle of navigating a big decision with her girlfriend, when she falls (quite literally) into Welsh mythology.




  • Art Installation


  • Project supported by: Arts Council Wales | Eryri National Park | Sherman Theatre
  • Director/Cyfarwyddwr: Fay Lomas, Izzy Rabey, Alice Eklund, Tommo Fowler
  • Writers/Ysgrifenwyr: Mari Izzard, Natsha Kaeda, Tommo Fowler, Fay Lomas, Alice Eklund
  • Sound Design & Composition/Dylunydd Sain a Chyansoddwr: Lee Affen, Tic Ashfield
Sophie Thomas
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