PLANNING APPROVED ON FORMER BUS DEPOT News / Project Milestone / 27.08.2018

Planning Approval was recently awarded the Former Stagecoach Bus Depot site in Swindon. Located in the Old Town, 500m from Swindon City Centre, the scheme proposes 45 residential units designed by OSP Architecture. McGregor Coxall led the Landscape Architecture which aims to enrich the lives of residents and locals through the provision a public space and improved pedestrian linkages and connectivity.

The landscape plan reveals the heritage of the Old Town Conservation Area through the adaptive reuse of rubble walls, a refurbished existing building and an urban structure that resonates with a traditional urban grid. Located at the heart of the residential development is a community park and central footpath. Sustainability is promoted through water sensitive initiatives located north of the site that filter, clean and recycle on site stormwater. A one way shared loop prioritises a pedestrian friendly neighbourhood environment.