RICH ST INNOVATION HUB News / Project Milestone / 01.12.2017

McGregor Coxall in collaboration with Lead Architect Turner studio has submitted the DA package for the Rich Street Innovation Hub, a vibrant new precinct in the industrial heart of Marrickville. The rezoned lot being developed by Danias Holdings comprises approximately 10,000sqm of affordable commercial space and 3,000sqm of Public Realm including markets, central courtyard, cafe outlets and outdoor cinema / events space. The formerly derelict site adjacent to the famous Factory Theatre will provide new amenity for the local community as well as delivering upgrades to roads and water infrastructure. The precinct will house nearly 500 creatives, in an environmentally friendly and sustainable location. Over 37% of the site will be new open space allowing space for locals and workers to relax and socialise supporting an accessible and friendly precinct for the burgeoning Marrickville creative arts community. The key design principles for the Rich Street Precinct are as follows:

– To create a distinct character which reflects both the industrial context and the new commercial retail, creative arts and entertainment precinct

– To interpret the surrounding area’s rich narrative of manufacturing and industry

– To reflect the heritage of the site through reuse of existing materials and elements

– To ensure ongoing activation through flexible and integrated programs in the open space

– To create flexible, multiple use elements. e.g. tables which double as seating for restaurants, or workspaces for local workers.

Design Strategies & Key elements

– Ensuring the Precinct is clearly accessible and open to the local community with the incorporation of Malco Lane and the Olive Grove Arrival Plaza located as highly visible on the Victoria Rd & Rich Street approaches

– Incorporation and celebration the stormwater channel as a key element of the site, integrated within the design in a fashion which does not limit permeability nor movement through the site

– The provision of a generous central open space which provides for a variety of recreational and active uses during the daytime and evenings, on weekdays and weekends

– Ensuring activation of the central open space through considered integration with the surrounding building design, incorporation of a perimeter colonnade with food and beverage plus associated outdoor seating, a stage directly in front of the pop-up space & thoroughfare to Building entries via the central open space

– Incorporation within the landscape design for the safe conveyance and water quality treatment of stormwater and overland flow within the Precinct during flood events

– Allowance for future connectivity to adjacent sites which have the potential to be redeveloped in the short to medium term, providing for further permeability and activation of the Rich Street open spaces and surrounding wider public domain

– an olive grove arrival plaza adjacent to the Marker Building and Victoria Road and Rich Street approaches to the Site, which signifies arrival to the Rich Street Precinct and also provides informal shaded seating options

– a new central lawn for recreation and events with a surrounding building colonnade containing food and beverage offerings, associated outdoor seating and also continuous perimeter weather protection

– re-use and adaption of existing materials and elements on Site along with new materiality proposals which reference and respond to the industrial character of local area.