AILA National Awards 2016

AILA National Awards 2016

AILA National Awards 2016 News / Awards / 21.10.2016

Hosted at the National Arboretum in Canberra McGregor Coxall was awarded four AILA National Awards with the Parramatta City River Strategy taking the Award of Excellence for Urban Design. Jury citations for each project are included below:

The Parramatta City River Strategy won the Urban Design Award of Excellence. "Great landscape architecture often involves embracing elements of the natural environment to stimulate design thinking. When this is applied in an urban design situation, opportunities arise to change the focus of a city. The Parramatta City River Strategy is such a project. It sets out to rediscover the natural aesthetic of the river and, consequentially, to recalibrate the economy of Sydney’s second CBD. It’s a bold project that seeks to draw from the community, to inform decision makers and leaders and to provide a vision for Parramatta. It pulls together transport frameworks, recreational corridors and multi-use architectural spaces, balancing infrastructure with aesthetic outcomes." 

Glenorchy Art and Sculpture Park Civic won the Landscape Architecture Award. "The project is tactical and precise. Its sweeping arc boardwalk and entrance provide a sequence of spatial experiences that are deeply embedded in the site. Exposure to the weather and water is balanced by cloistered courtyards; concrete expanses and found objects are juxtaposed with temporary artworks and refined seating arrangements. Importantly, this once vacant and disused site has been reconnected to the now well-established cultural and natural precincts that recently reinvented Tasmania’s civic identity."

Shipwreck Coast Masterplan won the Land Conservation in Landscape Architecture Award. "In this masterplan, the landscape architects have worked collaboratively to explore strategies to manage and promote ecotourism along this iconic coastline, in a way that protects its fragile state. The result is an integrated and cohesive plan that tackles issues holistically, exploring sustainable management practices that balance the desire for perpetual visitation with conservation and habitat preservation. It also provides a framework for investment as funding allows, while providing tools for calculating net present values that demonstrate economic viability."

West Belconnen Open Space Strategy won the Land Conservation Landscape Architecture Award. "Incorporating historical landfill sites, the plans show protection of specialized natural habitats, enhancement of ecological features, and opportunities for large-scale revegetation. This is balanced with the provision of space for renewable energy projects, community facilities and urban agriculture. The strategy is focused on positioning West Belconnen as a world-leading green community."