NSW AILA AWARDS SUCCESS News / Awards / 28.07.2017

The AILA NSW State Awards proved a successful evening for the McGregor Coxall Sydney studio. Congratulations to our clients and all the collaborators we had the pleasure of working with to deliver these projects.

Maitland Levee Civic Landscape Architecture Award

Jury citation:

The Levee respects the historic character of Maitland high street and embodies a new identity for its future. The use of earth-toned porphyry paving and a sophisticated lighting strategy complements the turn of the century heritage buildings. This project demonstrates the value of investing in high quality civic spaces, with an impressive impact on vacancy rates in the town centre. The design supports a flexible program that is an attractor for locals and visitors, supporting the economic revitalisation of the region. The construction of the River Link building and river walk will complete the project vision, engaging the new heart of town with its unique river setting.

Domain Creek Playground / Paddocks Precinct Play Spaces Landscape Architecture Award

Jury citation:

Under the many constraints of the world heritage site of Parramatta Park, the Parramatta Parkland Trust and McGregor Coxall have managed to create a fantastic playground in the Paddocks Precinct. The requisite play surface treatments are considered alongside native vegetation which is woven through the design. In time as the planting matures, these circular spaces will be experienced as clearings in an overarching native planting structure. The playground is a standout in the category mainly due to this synthetic approach to the different play, circulation and vegetation layers which are handled as one. A suite of structures designed by CHROFI Architects ensure that there is some level of shade in the open site. The range of play elements is interesting and attractive whilst remaining retrained and recessive and in keeping with the view lines of the world heritage precinct. 

Little Bay Cove - Land Management Award of Excellence

Jury citation:

The comprehensive management of landscape architecture, water sensitive urban design framework combined with the skills of refined architecture creates an impressive project.  New vegetation, entirely endemic to the local Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub ecology, is eventually focused on the central valley of constructed wetlands - incorporating a snaking elevated walkway of recycled timber, steel stairs and weir bridges.

The retention and protection of the last remaining deposit of Miocene Clay, once a source material used by Australian aborigines for traditional body painting, is contained within the project. Little Bay Cove local creeks will also benefit as the design ensures that only clean water will flow into the bay. It is a well-considered ecologically sensitive project.