Callan Park Wellness Sanctuary for Mental Illness

Callan Park Wellness Sanctuary for Mental Illness News / Awards / Client Testimonial / Biocity Studio / 16.04.2013

Planning Award Win 

Callan Park Master Plan was recognised during the Local Government Week 2012 with Leichhardt Council receiving the Award for Excellence in Communication. The award acknowledged the measures that were taken to establish strong links to the community in promoting projects for the community. With the development of “Callan Park your plan” McGregor Coxall and Leichhardt Council worked together to create a new communication tool that enabled the local community to engage with the project, ensuring that the community was well represented and acknowledge in the development of the Callan Park Master Plan.

The comment from the judges was; “This entry really stood out of original thinking. A quite different project whose strategic objective from the outset was to develop a best practice, transparent engagement process, facilitated by a pioneering, ‘web enabled’ consultation model called “Callan Park Yourplan”.