AILA NSW 2015 Medal for Landscape Architecture

AILA NSW 2015 Medal for Landscape Architecture News / Awards / 11.09.2015

McGregor Coxall is proud to announce that the Parramatta City River Strategy won the top award at the AILA NSW annual awards night. The City River Plan is a strategy to reactivate and connect the Parramatta River Corridor with the rapidly evolving Parramatta City Centre. The jury were impressed by the scope of the plan which not only reactivates the Parramatta River corridor, it also cleverly connects it to the City Centre through a sequence of open spaces, access ways and structured ‘quarters’.  The jury citation commented, "The multi-disciplinary approach taken by McGregor Coxall is thorough and innovative, and takes environmental issues like flooding, water quality and urban heat and integrates them into a logical and high quality public realm. This plan not only delivers a compelling vision for the future of Parramatta, it also promotes the profession of Landscape Architecture as leading the debate on resilient cities."