Wollongong Public Space & Public Life

Wollongong City Council / Wollongong, Australia

McGregor Coxall was commissioned by Wollongong City Council to partner with the internationally renowned urban research company Gehl Architects to deliver the Wollongong Public Spaces and Public Life Study. The study was underpinned by place making and incremental urbanism, thus a key focus required the identification of small scale activation projects that would seed change in the city centre.

Embracing this approach empowered the client to promote a flourishing city life by sympathetically framing the city around people’s everyday activities.  Importantly the study incorporated comprehensive engagement of council staff, local stakeholders and residents to captivate local opinion and empower the local community to put forward ideas.

McGregor Coxall provided urban design expertise to map key strategic initiatives and also undertook delivery of several pilot activation projects which enabled the council to implement a meaningful Renewal Strategy that informs the future planning of the city and strengthens a data driven approach to delivery.

Site Area

100 ha


  • Development Control Plan
  • Landscape Master Plan
  • Open Space
  • Public Domain Strategy
  • Regeneration
  • Research
  • Urban Design Framework
  • Visual Analysis
  • Implemenation and Staging Plans
  • Tactical Urbanism