Monash Central Precinct Revitalisation

Monash University / Caulfield, Australia

The central precinct revitalisation project sought to re-engage the university and its patrons through a holistic, modern environment that was efficient in its use of resources. The scheme facilitated informal learning, recreation and passive use, manifested by an evolving, technology enabled, campus community. McGregor Coxall explored how the landscape could present Monash as the quintessential Australian university campus and how this notion would reconnect the campus to its roots as a place of science and technology.

The potential of the public domain emerges by; Drawing on the boldness and clarity of the initial planning; Editing back the layers of subsequent intervention; and Repositioning the spaces to meet contemporary pedagogical and residential needs. Spaces were tailored to seasonal change and supported by a simple palette of robust and timeless materials. The Forum and Lemon Scented Lawns, integral to the pulse of the campus, were defined as two different but complementary spaces that presented a unified campus heart.

Site Area

5.06 ha


  • Competition
  • Landscape Master Plan
Dr Robyn Mansfield
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