Tiange Wu

Graduate Environmental Designer

Tiange has been awarded degrees in Master of Architecture and Civil Engineering and Bachelor of Landscape Architecture in her past academic years. The multidisciplinary background provides her with solid technical knowledge for delivering more cohesive and well-considered design outcomes. Drawing on her passion for integrated water design, she recently commenced her PhD research on Design Response to Applying Nature-based Solutions for Integrated Urban Water Management in Lower Mekong Region Cities within the discipline of Landscape Architecture at RMIT University. The research also partly builds on her working experiences in CRC for Water Sensitive Cities, including the projects in China, Australia and Southeast Asia, which allows her to develop a broader view of landscape planning and design from the perspective of urbanism, management, economy and governance. Her research and practice consider water as an irreplaceable element for people to reconnect with nature and a catalyst for cities to build resilience.


  • Integrated Urban Water Management
  • Nature-based Solutions
  • Sponge City Planning and Design
  • WSUD
  • Conceptual Thinking


  • 2020 - Master of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Shantou University
  • 2017 - Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, Southwest University


  • Student, Australian Institute of Landscape Architects


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