Giovanna Laborne

Urban Designer

Giovana has a Graduate Certificate in Urban Planning at the University of Sydney, a Master of Business, and a Bachelor of Architecture and Urbanism. She has over ten years of experience in developing urban and landscape designs, ranging in project types, scales and complexity, working with areas up to 19 million sqm. She has strengths in the delivery of large-scale urban designs and master plans, greenfield developments, residential subdivision, and landscape designs for commercial and residential buildings. By working with big developers in Brazil, Giovana has developed business-oriented eyes and a problem-solving mindset. Giovana believes that the cure for a better, healthier, inclusive, resilient, and environmentally sustainable future lies in urbanism and the way we interact and live in our cities.


  • Site Analysis
  • Legal Analysis
  • Urban Design Studies
  • Strategic Planning
  • Guidelines
  • Design Controls
  • Conceptual Thinking
  • Masterplanning


  • Master of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Architecture and Urbanism
  • Graduate Certificate of Urban Planning


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