Hobsons Bay Wetlands Centre

Grimshaw / Altona, Australia

Hobsons Bay Wetlands Centre (HBWC) will become an ecological heartland in Melbourne’s west, a purpose-built research and conservation centre that unites the public with nature. Forged by a collaborative partnership between Hobsons Bay City Council and HBWC, McGregor Coxall was invited to join the Grimshaw Architects-led consortium to design a new Wetlands Centre that inspires care of our precious natural environment – intrinsically shaped to celebrate the cultural continuity of Traditional Owners.

Biophilic design patterns will be foundational for a regenerative framework that enhances, nurtures and conserves wildlife systems. Our landscape approach seeks to repair ecologies through the establishment of robust and thriving habitat, supported by a renaturalised, contemporary water management system that cleans and reuses water and mitigates flood risk from the neighbouring Laverton Creek. Community wellbeing is prioritised, integrating a unified cycle and pedestrian network that allows the public to connect with their natural surrounds in a safe, respectful way.

Site Area

22650 ha


  • Ecology
  • Wetland and Lake Design