Parramatta Road

Parramatta Road / Sydney, Australia

Not since the international competition for Canberra, has Australia undertaken such an ambitious urban design project. The competition which short listed MVRDV and Ken Yeang was won by SydneyCENTRAL. Our team planned extensive renewal beyond the 23km Parramatta Road corridor presently choked by 80,000 vehicles each day, proposing Sydney mature from its ‘Harbour centric’ view to embrace the west as a major sustainable growth area. A blueprint for the revitalisation of the decaying 200 year old thoroughfare between Sydney city and Parramatta CBD was prepared. The project will deliver outcomes in regional planning, urban design, business precinct development, employment, public transport, traffic management, environmental quality, and partnerships between spheres of government, business and community. Can Sydney be more than the harbour?

Site Area

1.15 ha