We plan and design vibrant, resilient cities, places and environments, informed by research from our Biourbanism Lab

Biourbanism Lab

Processes global data to generate digital solutions, geospatial intelligence, digital twins, analysis tools, bespoke project software and climate projections.

Climate Resilience

Provides resilience services and nature-based solutions for cities, urban settlements, coastlines, waterways and environments.

Landscape Architecture

Deploys creative design thinking to deliver resilient and innovative outcomes for public spaces, parks and green infrastructure.

Urban Design

Shapes resilient, smart cities and places using a systems-based workflow, developing feasibility, design strategy, policy and implementation plans.

At McGregor Coxall, we are dedicated to designing resilient cities and environments that contribute to a sustainable and prosperous future. Our global presence spans five studios in Australia and the UK, offering design and sustainability services across ten market sectors.


Our approach is rooted in the principles of Biourbanism, a model for creating climate-resilient and prosperous cities as outlined in the book “Biourbanism :: Cities as Nature” by our founder, Adrian McGregor. We believe that cities are the key to addressing the climate emergency, responsible for over 75% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Innovation and Collaboration

Our award-winning projects showcase our commitment to innovation, from new city designs to large-scale regional master plans and local ecological restorations. We leverage advanced technologies, including digital twins and computational design, to inform our work and ensure that our solutions are evidence-based and effective.

Resilience and Sustainability

By 2030, the world will have warmed by 1.5 degrees. We are at the forefront of decarbonisation and climate risk mitigation, helping shape a resilient and prosperous future through thoughtful and impactful design.