AILA ENDORSEMENT FOR LEWIS PARK News / Awards / 17.06.2019

The Lewis Park masterplan has been awarded the AILA VIC Award for Parks and Open Space. In collaboration with Knox City Council, Wave Consulting and Capire consulting the team established a vision to create a cultural connection to the Knox community, while ensuring the landscape makes a positive contribution to ecology, waterway health and social wellbeing. In understanding the role of the park at a local and regional scale, the masterplan proposes a number of initiatives to provide a sense of place for residents, workers and visitors, whilst playing a role as a major municipality open space and important environmental and stormwater corridor. The naturalisation of Blind Creek and the creation of new wetlands within the retarding basin will filter water and create a biodiversity hot spot within the urban environment, fostering a network of Blue Infrastructure. The creation of a water holding pond to harvest and re-use excess water in the park will also enable Lewis Park to become a net exporter of recycled water. The delivery of the masterplan was seen as a co-generative design process, where by consultation of community and stakeholders played a key role in informing, shaping and resolving the masterplan.