array(2) { [0]=> object(stdClass)#24 (3) { ["ID"]=> string(1) "5" ["name"]=> string(20) "Senior Professionals" ["staffs"]=> array(11) { [0]=> object(stdClass)#27 (19) { ["ID"]=> string(2) "64" ["name"]=> string(16) "Logan Pennington" ["qualifiShort"]=> string(4) "AILA" ["qualifi"]=> array(1) { [0]=> string(57) "Bachelor Landscape Architecture" } ["recognition"]=> array(0) { } ["discipline"]=> string(1) "1" ["position"]=> string(26) "Senior Landscape Architect" ["content"]=> string(607) "Logan completed his Landscape Architecture Degree in 2014 at the Unitec Institute of Technology in Auckland, New Zealand. Whilst studying, he spent 18 months as a sole landscape designer and labourer working part time on various projects before moving to Sydney to pursue his professional career as a Graduate Landscape Architect with McGregor Coxall. Logan has interests in all areas of Landscape architecture, he is passionate about collaboratively working with other members of the profession to generate unique spaces and solutions that work successfully for the people, the environment and the future." ["expertise"]=> string(85) "Landscape Architecture, Graphic design & design communication, Active Transport, WSUD" ["memberships"]=> string(76) "Registered Landscape Architect, Australian Institute of Landscape Architects" ["thumb"]=> string(22) "Logan P_CV_Website.jpg" ["thumbPath"]=> string(16) "StaffImages/106/" ["thumbURL"]=> string(95) " P_CV_Website.jpg" ["email"]=> string(25) "" ["linkedin"]=> string(16) "Logan Pennington" ["phone"]=> string(12) "02 9188 7500" ["video"]=> string(0) "" ["videoURL"]=> string(31) "" ["studios"]=> array(1) { [0]=> object(stdClass)#28 (3) { ["ID"]=> string(1) "7" ["name"]=> string(6) "Sydney" ["flag"]=> string(0) "" } } } [1]=> object(stdClass)#26 (19) { ["ID"]=> string(3) "154" ["name"]=> string(10) "Amie Mason" ["qualifiShort"]=> string(4) "AILA" ["qualifi"]=> array(1) { [0]=> string(90) "Bachelor of Design (Landscape Architecture) First Class Honours," } ["recognition"]=> array(0) { } ["discipline"]=> string(1) "1" ["position"]=> string(26) "Senior Landscape Architect" ["content"]=> string(638) "Amie completed her Bachelor with Honours in Landscape Architecture in 2018 from the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane. Since graduating, Amie worked for Brisbane based firm Vee Design before joining the Competition Department at Topotek 1 in Berlin, where she was a part of various international landscape architecture and urban design competitions throughout Europe and the Middle East. Amie is passionate about the concept of ‘mutualism’ between non/human species, and how design can redefine ‘health’ from a condition that is internal and pharmaceutical, to the external design of our shared urban infrastructure." ["expertise"]=> string(39) "Landscape Architecture, Concept Design " ["memberships"]=> string(56) "Registered, Australian Institute of Landscape Architects" ["thumb"]=> string(20) "Amy M_CV_Website.jpg" ["thumbPath"]=> string(16) "StaffImages/239/" ["thumbURL"]=> string(93) " M_CV_Website.jpg" ["email"]=> string(25) "" ["linkedin"]=> string(0) "" ["phone"]=> string(12) "02 9188 7500" ["video"]=> string(0) "" ["videoURL"]=> string(31) "" ["studios"]=> array(1) { [0]=> object(stdClass)#31 (3) { ["ID"]=> string(1) "7" ["name"]=> string(6) "Sydney" ["flag"]=> string(0) "" } } } [2]=> object(stdClass)#29 (19) { ["ID"]=> string(3) "152" ["name"]=> string(16) "Xavier Font Sala" ["qualifiShort"]=> string(5) "MArch" ["qualifi"]=> array(6) { [0]=> string(47) "Degree's Architecture" [1]=> string(47) "Master's Architecture" [2]=> string(39) "Exch. program" [3]=> string(39) "Exch. program" [4]=> string(34) "Workshop" [5]=> string(43) "RE-domestic Steel" } ["recognition"]=> array(0) { } ["discipline"]=> string(1) "1" ["position"]=> string(26) "Senior Landscape Architect" ["content"]=> string(801) "Xavier is an Architect by ETSAB - Technical University of Barcelona, NTNU - Trondheim, Norway and Master of architecture in ETSAM - Technical University of Madrid, He has worked in Barcelona and Switzerland, as an Architect and as an Engineer developing complex structures. During his time as a student, Xavier's admiration for architecture increased in many aspects, especially considering structural solutions as a part of the design process. In his final Master Thesis, Xavier explored rethinking old parts of the city which need to be re-envisioned and segregated areas which need to be more in touch with the urban life. Xavier's experience of studying and working abroad has given him a greater understanding of international cultures and traditions and a better appreciation of his own culture." ["expertise"]=> string(70) "Architect, Structure Designer, Urban Designer and Landscape Architect " ["memberships"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(21) "Xavi S_CV_Website.jpg" ["thumbPath"]=> string(16) "StaffImages/240/" ["thumbURL"]=> string(94) " S_CV_Website.jpg" ["email"]=> string(25) "" ["linkedin"]=> string(0) "" ["phone"]=> string(12) "02 9188 7500" ["video"]=> string(0) "" ["videoURL"]=> string(31) "" ["studios"]=> array(1) { [0]=> object(stdClass)#30 (3) { ["ID"]=> string(1) "7" ["name"]=> string(6) "Sydney" ["flag"]=> string(0) "" } } } [3]=> object(stdClass)#33 (19) { ["ID"]=> string(3) "153" ["name"]=> string(11) "Ilee Rahman" ["qualifiShort"]=> string(12) "MArch (hons)" ["qualifi"]=> array(2) { [0]=> string(50) "Masters in Architecture " [1]=> string(51) "Bachelor in Architecture " } ["recognition"]=> array(0) { } ["discipline"]=> string(1) "1" ["position"]=> string(26) "Senior Landscape Architect" ["content"]=> string(1159) "Ilee's experience covers complex, high-end residential architecture, including high rise housing developments, residential masterplans, luxury bungalow design and high-end apartment planning. She has a strong passion for high-density living and enjoy's the challenges and complexities of apartment planning and design.

Taking on a role as Project Architect in Kuala Lumpur she has experience leading client meetings for high end residential and developer-led projects, prepared minutes and chaired weekly meetings with up to 8 technical consultants with the client present. She has also managed relationships with the local authorities by leading or attending scheduled meetings and presentations. As both Design Architect and Project Architect she successfully presented a project to a group of 20 council officers.

During the documentation process for submitting to the authorities, she was responsible for the production of DA and CC equivalent documentation packages including the coordination of numerous sub-consultants. She has become very familiar with working with highly demanding developer clients and high-intensity deadlines.

" ["expertise"]=> string(32) "Multi-Residential, Urban Design " ["memberships"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(21) "Ilee R_CV_Website.jpg" ["thumbPath"]=> string(16) "StaffImages/242/" ["thumbURL"]=> string(94) " R_CV_Website.jpg" ["email"]=> string(25) "" ["linkedin"]=> string(0) "" ["phone"]=> string(12) "02 9188 7500" ["video"]=> string(0) "" ["videoURL"]=> string(31) "" ["studios"]=> array(1) { [0]=> object(stdClass)#32 (3) { ["ID"]=> string(1) "7" ["name"]=> string(6) "Sydney" ["flag"]=> string(0) "" } } } [4]=> object(stdClass)#35 (19) { ["ID"]=> string(3) "156" ["name"]=> string(12) "Chloe Street" ["qualifiShort"]=> string(4) "AILA" ["qualifi"]=> array(3) { [0]=> string(58) "Master of Landscape Architecture" [1]=> string(44) "Bachelor of Design" [2]=> string(66) "Bachelor of Commerce/Information Systems" } ["recognition"]=> array(0) { } ["discipline"]=> string(1) "1" ["position"]=> string(26) "Senior Landscape Architect" ["content"]=> string(860) "While completing her Master of Landscape Architecture at RMIT University, Melbourne, Chloe gained a range of experience including working for an international urbanism design firm, residential landscape design, an infrastructure reference design internship, and working with a placemaking and community consultation practice.

After completing her Master of Landscape Architecture at RMIT University, Melbourne, Chloe has worked as a Landscape Architect gaining experience across the commercial, public and private sectors.

Chloe is passionate about community driven design outcomes and providing high quality responses to challenging projects. She views sustainable, high quality and diverse landscapes as fundamental elements of the urban and regional environment and believes every person should have access to these spaces.

" ["expertise"]=> string(23) "Landscape Architecture " ["memberships"]=> string(76) "Registered Landscape Architect, Australian Institute of Landscape Architects" ["thumb"]=> string(44) "McGregorCoxall-CHLOE S_Landscape_Website.jpg" ["thumbPath"]=> string(16) "StaffImages/245/" ["thumbURL"]=> string(117) " S_Landscape_Website.jpg" ["email"]=> string(28) "" ["linkedin"]=> string(0) "" ["phone"]=> string(12) "03 9088 6500" ["video"]=> string(0) "" ["videoURL"]=> string(31) "" ["studios"]=> array(1) { [0]=> object(stdClass)#34 (3) { ["ID"]=> string(2) "10" ["name"]=> string(9) "Melbourne" ["flag"]=> string(0) "" } } } [5]=> object(stdClass)#37 (19) { ["ID"]=> string(3) "162" ["name"]=> string(14) "Hossein Rizeei" ["qualifiShort"]=> string(3) "PhD" ["qualifi"]=> array(3) { [0]=> string(54) "Ph.D. in Information Systems" [1]=> string(82) "M.Sc. in Geospatial Information Systems & Remote Sensing" [2]=> string(89) "Bachelor in Natural Resource Engineering (Watershed Management)" } ["recognition"]=> array(0) { } ["discipline"]=> string(1) "9" ["position"]=> string(17) "Geospatial Leader" ["content"]=> string(1162) "Hossein is a highly qualified senior Geospatial Scientist with more than 17 years of relevant experiences in three countries over 200 projects as a Geospatial Modeler, Satellite Image analyst, Geospatial Data Engineer, and Project Manager. Hossein was nominated as one of the Australia’s top five best-performance early career researchers in the field of emergency management, Business, and Economics in The Australian’s Research 2021 Special Report.

He has designed, developed, and tested several geospatial-based methodologies to assess natural hazards behavior, environment, urban planning, and landscape design using GIS, Remote sensing, and Artificial intelligence techniques e.g., 2D/3D modelling of Bushfire, flooding, urban heat island, building overshadowing, soil erosion, landslide, groundwater contamination.

Throughout his career, Hossein has acquired a range of leadership skills including team management and planning, GIS advisory and review, business planning and development. He has also, lecturing and R&D experiences which lead to publishing several ISI papers, book chapters and conference scientific articles in these areas." ["expertise"]=> string(75) "Hossein is part of the technical team focussing on GIS and data management." ["memberships"]=> string(78) "Topic Editor of Remote Sensing journal (IF 4.509, ISSN 2072-4292)- 2020-2022; " ["thumb"]=> string(35) "McGregorCoxall_HosseinRizeei_4k.jpg" ["thumbPath"]=> string(16) "StaffImages/247/" ["thumbURL"]=> string(108) "" ["email"]=> string(25) "" ["linkedin"]=> string(0) "" ["phone"]=> string(12) "02 9188 7500" ["video"]=> string(0) "" ["videoURL"]=> string(31) "" ["studios"]=> array(1) { [0]=> object(stdClass)#36 (3) { ["ID"]=> string(1) "7" ["name"]=> string(6) "Sydney" ["flag"]=> string(0) "" } } } [6]=> object(stdClass)#39 (19) { ["ID"]=> string(3) "220" ["name"]=> string(15) "弗拉迪米尔" ["qualifiShort"]=> string(25) "建筑学士 建筑硕士" ["qualifi"]=> array(1) { [0]=> string(124) "建筑硕士 马赛国家高级建筑学院,2018建筑学士, 马赛国家高级建筑学院,2015," } ["recognition"]=> array(0) { } ["discipline"]=> string(1) "3" ["position"]=> string(21) "初级景观建筑师" ["content"]=> string(1045) "Lucas is an Environmental and Water Resources Engineer with over 10 years of local, national and international experience, gained working within consulting and public sectors. His experience includes Hydrologic and Hydraulic Analysis and Modelling; Modelling for Flood Warning System Operation; Flood Risk Assessment; Hydrologic Monitoring Equipment Installation and Maintenance; Water Balance Modelling; Water Consumptive Uses Accounting in Catchments; Groundwater and Surface Water Quality Monitoring and Reporting; Environmental Compliance Monitoring; Landfill Gas Monitoring and Risk Analysis; and Project Management, including project planning, development, reporting, and resources control.

Lucas has delivered and been an integral part of teams in a wide variety of projects across Australia and overseas ranging in size from small projects such as flood modelling and reporting for sites in small catchments in NSW, QLD, and VIC to supporting several flood warning systems for large basins in a nation-wide system in Brazil." ["expertise"]=> string(48) "Environmental Engineer, Water Resources Engineer" ["memberships"]=> string(80) "Member, Institution of Engineers Australia; Member, Australian Water Association" ["thumb"]=> string(22) "Lucas P_CV_Website.jpg" ["thumbPath"]=> string(16) "StaffImages/343/" ["thumbURL"]=> string(95) " P_CV_Website.jpg" ["email"]=> string(25) "" ["linkedin"]=> string(0) "" ["phone"]=> string(12) "02 9188 7500" ["video"]=> string(0) "" ["videoURL"]=> string(31) "" ["studios"]=> array(1) { [0]=> object(stdClass)#41 (3) { ["ID"]=> string(1) "7" ["name"]=> string(6) "Sydney" ["flag"]=> string(0) "" } } } [7]=> object(stdClass)#38 (19) { ["ID"]=> string(3) "218" ["name"]=> string(10) "Shaw Abrey" ["qualifiShort"]=> string(16) "BEng (Hons), BSc" ["qualifi"]=> array(2) { [0]=> string(61) "Civil and Environmental Engineering" [1]=> string(33) "Ecology" } ["recognition"]=> array(0) { } ["discipline"]=> string(1) "3" ["position"]=> string(47) "Senior Civil/Environmental Engineer & Ecologist" ["content"]=> string(1226) "Shaw is a water engineer/ecologist with a strong passion for water sensitive urban design (WSUD), sustainable water management, waterway health, and urban channel naturalisation. Shaw has a comprehensive understanding of urban hydrology, which formed the basis of his university thesis study comparing urban peak flows from the Rational Method with a linear reservoir model (ARR19). Throughout his professional career, Shaw has successfully completed multiple projects from concept design through to construction documentation. He has also refined his technical skills in AutoCAD, 12D, MUSIC modelling, RORB modelling, and QGIS, and pride himsel fon his ability to rapidly learn new tools. As a driven young professional, Shaw strives to continue learning outside of work hours. As such, he has developed an excel tool aimed at improving computational efficiencies for hydrological, hydraulic, geotechnical, and statistical calculations. His tool also includes design checklists and workflows for using several software packages. Having completed a double degree in engineering (Civil and Environmental) and science (Ecology), Shaw has a passion for ecosystem conservation, climate resilience and integrated water management. " ["expertise"]=> string(0) "" ["memberships"]=> string(109) "Australian Water Association Young Water Professionals; AWA YWP National Task Force Queensland Representative" ["thumb"]=> string(21) "Shaw A_CV_Website.jpg" ["thumbPath"]=> string(16) "StaffImages/344/" ["thumbURL"]=> string(94) " A_CV_Website.jpg" ["email"]=> string(25) "" ["linkedin"]=> string(0) "" ["phone"]=> string(12) "02 9188 7500" ["video"]=> string(0) "" ["videoURL"]=> string(31) "" ["studios"]=> array(1) { [0]=> object(stdClass)#40 (3) { ["ID"]=> string(1) "7" ["name"]=> string(6) "Sydney" ["flag"]=> string(0) "" } } } [8]=> object(stdClass)#43 (19) { ["ID"]=> string(3) "226" ["name"]=> string(17) "Robert Williamson" ["qualifiShort"]=> string(4) "AILA" ["qualifi"]=> array(3) { [0]=> string(58) "Master of Landscape Architecture" [1]=> string(69) "Bachelor of Design (Landscape Architecture)" [2]=> string(67) "Adv Dip of Applied Science (Horticulture)" } ["recognition"]=> array(0) { } ["discipline"]=> string(1) "1" ["position"]=> string(26) "Senior Landscape Architect" ["content"]=> string(1010) "Rob is an innovative Landscape Architect with a passion for conceptual design and project delivery. Rob has a passion for horticulture and fine detail, having worked previously as a horticulturist and as a welder and steel fabricator. Through this experience, Rob developed an appreciation of the impact and maintenance of softscape which has strongly contributed to his design approach as a professional Landscape Architect as well as appreciation of built work outside the context of Landscape Architecture.

As a Landscape Architect, Rob provides design input from Town Planning and Conceptual phases, through to project delivery, with an emphasis on developing detail documentation on projects ranging from residential to large scale public realm and universities.

Rob is a mentor in the AILA Fresh Mentor Program for recent graduates and students emerging in the industry to help navigate the first steps of Landscape Architecture as a professional practice outside of university." ["expertise"]=> string(94) "Landscape Architecture, Site Analysis, Conceptual thinking, Physical modelling and fabrication" ["memberships"]=> string(76) "Registered Landscape Architect, Australian Institute of Landscape Architects" ["thumb"]=> string(42) "McGregorCoxall-ROB W_Landscape_Website.jpg" ["thumbPath"]=> string(16) "StaffImages/348/" ["thumbURL"]=> string(115) " W_Landscape_Website.jpg" ["email"]=> string(28) "" ["linkedin"]=> string(0) "" ["phone"]=> string(12) "03 9088 6500" ["video"]=> string(0) "" ["videoURL"]=> string(31) "" ["studios"]=> array(1) { [0]=> object(stdClass)#42 (3) { ["ID"]=> string(2) "10" ["name"]=> string(9) "Melbourne" ["flag"]=> string(0) "" } } } [9]=> object(stdClass)#45 (19) { ["ID"]=> string(3) "234" ["name"]=> string(11) "Angus Duetz" ["qualifiShort"]=> string(11) "BDes (Hons)" ["qualifi"]=> array(1) { [0]=> string(77) "Bachelor of Design (Landscape Architecture) Honours" } ["recognition"]=> array(0) { } ["discipline"]=> string(1) "1" ["position"]=> string(26) "Senior Landscape Architect" ["content"]=> string(1125) "Angus is a Landscape Architect with experience in design and project management, with a strong skillset in strategic design & green infrastructure innovation, and the commercial construction industry. He has both studied and worked overseas and hopes to employ knowledge and experiences obtained internationally and apply these ideas locally to produce a healthier and more sustainable urban living for future generations. Angus has a good understanding and experience in both the design and construction industries. With a skill set that ranges from a project's design conception, through to delivery on-site as a design/construction manager. Angus ensures the delivery of the project is on time and within budget, without compromising the design integrity. Having experience in both the administrative and practical side of the design and construction process, Angus has learnt the importance of good communication and attention to detail when delivering high-quality commercial projects. He prides himself on his understanding of other disciplines and the ability to converse with consultants, contractors, and the client." ["expertise"]=> string(119) "Construction, Green Infrastructure & Living Architecture, Coastal Design, Skateparks, Strategic Design & Masterplanning" ["memberships"]=> string(76) "Registered Landscape Architect, Australian Institute of Landscape Architects" ["thumb"]=> string(17) "Angus_MCGC_4K.jpg" ["thumbPath"]=> string(16) "StaffImages/362/" ["thumbURL"]=> string(90) "" ["email"]=> string(25) "" ["linkedin"]=> string(0) "" ["phone"]=> string(12) "02 9188 7500" ["video"]=> string(0) "" ["videoURL"]=> string(31) "" ["studios"]=> array(1) { [0]=> object(stdClass)#44 (3) { ["ID"]=> string(1) "7" ["name"]=> string(6) "Sydney" ["flag"]=> string(0) "" } } } [10]=> object(stdClass)#47 (19) { ["ID"]=> string(3) "238" ["name"]=> string(10) "Remy Ellis" ["qualifiShort"]=> string(2) "BA" ["qualifi"]=> array(1) { [0]=> string(60) "Bachelor of Design in Architecture" } ["recognition"]=> array(0) { } ["discipline"]=> string(1) "2" ["position"]=> string(21) "Senior Urban Designer" ["content"]=> string(822) "Remy has 6 years experience in urban design, working in multi-disciplinary teams where she supported the delivery of large, complex infrastructure projects where managing the interface between urban design, architecture, landscape architecture and engineering is critical to success. She has strengths in delivering master plans, design controls and guidelines, precinct plans and strategic planning documents.

Through an understanding of spatial data and digital problem solving, Remy approaches urban design through the lens of spatial analysis and visual communication, applying this method to projects of all scales. She has a keen interest in socially conscious design grounded in Country and brings this approach to her projects. She is currently studying a Master of Urban Design at the University of Sydney. " ["expertise"]=> string(135) "Urban Deisgn Studies, Masterplanning, 3D massing and options testing, Analysis, Strategic Planning, Conceptual Thinking, Report Writing" ["memberships"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(21) "Remy E_CV_Website.jpg" ["thumbPath"]=> string(16) "StaffImages/373/" ["thumbURL"]=> string(94) " E_CV_Website.jpg" ["email"]=> string(25) "" ["linkedin"]=> string(0) "" ["phone"]=> string(12) "02 9188 7500" ["video"]=> string(0) "" ["videoURL"]=> string(31) "" ["studios"]=> array(1) { [0]=> object(stdClass)#46 (3) { ["ID"]=> string(1) "7" ["name"]=> string(6) "Sydney" ["flag"]=> string(0) "" } } } } } [1]=> object(stdClass)#49 (3) { ["ID"]=> string(1) "6" ["name"]=> string(13) "Professionals" ["staffs"]=> array(12) { [0]=> object(stdClass)#51 (19) { ["ID"]=> string(3) "119" ["name"]=> string(13) "Thomas Flugge" ["qualifiShort"]=> string(6) "MLArch" ["qualifi"]=> array(2) { [0]=> string(60) "Bachelor of Landscape Architecture" [1]=> string(59) "Masters of Landscape Architecture" } ["recognition"]=> array(0) { } ["discipline"]=> string(1) "1" ["position"]=> string(72) "Landscape Architect & Reconciliation & First Nations Partnerships Leader" ["content"]=> string(1356) "Thomas has over several years’ experience in Landscape Architecture and the construction industry. He is committed to an ethos of sustainability, diversity, equality and forward-thinking design solutions. As a Graduate Landscape Architect at McGregor Coxall’s Melbourne studio, he is responsible for the project management, design, and delivery of several key projects across a range of scales in Australian and Internationally. Thomas has experience in the delivery of projects such as Gariwerd (Grampians) Peaks Trail, Bentleigh Eat Street and the Sunshine Skills Hub. Currently Thomas is project managing and delivering Gariwerd Priority Trail Heads, Sunshine Energy Park Masterplan & Blue-Green Network Framework in Bengaluru (India).

Employing versatile strategic thinking towards design challenges, he takes a holistic approach to design and advocates for positive working relationships, collaboration, and communication. This method of practice brings resolution to design challenges that are informed and driven by community needs across a range of social, economic, cultural and environmental issues. As a research assistant at RMIT University, his design research interests lie in the intersection of self-determined economic enterprise, cultural knowledge & biodiversity through Indigenous-led and regenerative design outcomes." ["expertise"]=> string(64) "Design & Documentation, Project Management, Community Engagement" ["memberships"]=> string(53) "Student, Australian Institute of Landscape Architects" ["thumb"]=> string(42) "McGregorCoxall-TOM F_Landscape_Website.jpg" ["thumbPath"]=> string(16) "StaffImages/139/" ["thumbURL"]=> string(115) " F_Landscape_Website.jpg" ["email"]=> string(28) "" ["linkedin"]=> string(0) "" ["phone"]=> string(12) "03 9088 6500" ["video"]=> string(0) "" ["videoURL"]=> string(31) "" ["studios"]=> array(1) { [0]=> object(stdClass)#25 (3) { ["ID"]=> string(2) "10" ["name"]=> string(9) "Melbourne" ["flag"]=> string(0) "" } } } [1]=> object(stdClass)#50 (19) { ["ID"]=> string(3) "106" ["name"]=> string(13) "Robert Lovick" ["qualifiShort"]=> string(18) "景观设计学位" ["qualifi"]=> array(1) { [0]=> string(65) "景观设计学位,Unitec理工学院" } ["recognition"]=> array(0) { } ["discipline"]=> string(1) "1" ["position"]=> string(21) "初级景观建筑师" ["content"]=> string(575) "Logan于2014年毕业于新西兰奥克兰的Unitec理工学院,获得景观设计学位。还在学生时代,他就曾有18个月作为独立景观设计师和园艺工作者,参与多项项目的兼职工作。其后,他移居悉尼,作为景观设计的毕业生加入McGregor Coxall继续追求他的职业生涯。Logan 对景观设计的所有领域都很感兴趣,最近则专注沿海城市环境设施的增强及实现,他也热衷于和其他专业人士合作,共同为人们、环境和未来创造能成功应用的独特空间和解决方案。" ["expertise"]=> string(71) "Landscape Architecture, 3d CAD, Strategic Design, Graphic Communication" ["memberships"]=> string(52) "Member, Australian Institute of Landscape Architects" ["thumb"]=> string(42) "McGregorCoxall-ROB L_Landscape_Website.jpg" ["thumbPath"]=> string(16) "StaffImages/150/" ["thumbURL"]=> string(115) " L_Landscape_Website.jpg" ["email"]=> string(28) "" ["linkedin"]=> string(0) "" ["phone"]=> string(12) "03 9088 6500" ["video"]=> string(0) "" ["videoURL"]=> string(31) "" ["studios"]=> array(1) { [0]=> object(stdClass)#52 (3) { ["ID"]=> string(2) "10" ["name"]=> string(9) "Melbourne" ["flag"]=> string(0) "" } } } [2]=> object(stdClass)#54 (19) { ["ID"]=> string(3) "120" ["name"]=> string(13) "Jeremy Chivas" ["qualifiShort"]=> string(13) "BLArch (Hons)" ["qualifi"]=> array(2) { [0]=> string(67) "Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (Hons)" [1]=> string(59) "Master of Architecture (Research)" } ["recognition"]=> array(0) { } ["discipline"]=> string(1) "1" ["position"]=> string(19) "Landscape Architect" ["content"]=> string(790) "Having recently completed a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (Honours) at UTS, Jeremy is now studying a Master of Architecture (Research) with a thesis focusing within the realms of urban ecological design, new and emerging spatial technologies, and the socio-political structure behind green infrastructure implementation. Throughout his university career, Jeremy has enjoyed several global studio opportunities, traveling to France and Hong Kong to visit and collaborate with international universities, whilst also undertaking various teaching roles back in Australia. He is a valuable member of the team, utilising GIS and CAD modelling programs throughout a communicative and iterative design process, as well as being involved in the production of visualisations and other graphics." ["expertise"]=> string(71) "GIS & 3D CAD Modelling, graphics, visualisations & design communication" ["memberships"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(23) "Jeremy C_CV_Website.jpg" ["thumbPath"]=> string(15) "StaffImages/36/" ["thumbURL"]=> string(95) " C_CV_Website.jpg" ["email"]=> string(25) "" ["linkedin"]=> string(0) "" ["phone"]=> string(12) "02 9188 7500" ["video"]=> string(0) "" ["videoURL"]=> string(31) "" ["studios"]=> array(1) { [0]=> object(stdClass)#56 (3) { ["ID"]=> string(1) "7" ["name"]=> string(6) "Sydney" ["flag"]=> string(0) "" } } } [3]=> object(stdClass)#53 (19) { ["ID"]=> string(3) "145" ["name"]=> string(13) "Paula Aguirre" ["qualifiShort"]=> string(10) "BSc (Hons)" ["qualifi"]=> array(1) { [0]=> string(58) " Bachelor of Architecture (Hons)" } ["recognition"]=> array(0) { } ["discipline"]=> string(1) "2" ["position"]=> string(14) "Urban Designer" ["content"]=> string(569) "Paula recently graduated from the University West of England with a Bachelor´s Degree in Architecture. Her ambition to be an architect was driven by the passion for understanding the context of making and creating spaces that affect the quality of our lives. Through her studies, she picked up an interest in the social aspects of design and the influence it has on our future. She is enthusiastic to work for innovative and contemporary ideas that are adapted to design while making a positive contribution to the environmental and social infrastructures of places. " ["expertise"]=> string(13) "Urban Design " ["memberships"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(40) "05ad9561-2256-4fbe-a8e2-b9fc364cd3fd.jpg" ["thumbPath"]=> string(16) "StaffImages/218/" ["thumbURL"]=> string(113) "" ["email"]=> string(26) "" ["linkedin"]=> string(0) "" ["phone"]=> string(15) "44 117 450 9680" ["video"]=> string(0) "" ["videoURL"]=> string(31) "" ["studios"]=> array(1) { [0]=> object(stdClass)#55 (3) { ["ID"]=> string(2) "11" ["name"]=> string(7) "Bristol" ["flag"]=> string(0) "" } } } [4]=> object(stdClass)#58 (19) { ["ID"]=> string(3) "158" ["name"]=> string(15) "Amélie Touboul" ["qualifiShort"]=> string(6) "MLArch" ["qualifi"]=> array(2) { [0]=> string(58) "Master of Landscape Architecture" [1]=> string(70) "Bachelor in Geography and Territory Planning" } ["recognition"]=> array(0) { } ["discipline"]=> string(1) "1" ["position"]=> string(19) "Landscape Architect" ["content"]=> string(733) "Amélie is a French Landscape Architect with experience in private and public urban landscape projects. Having graduated with a Master of Landscape Architecture from the National School of Landscape Architecture ENSP Versailles, Amélie completed a semester abroad at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Her thesis Between Salt and Sand, explored the Salton Sea in California, and while studying in Melbourne, Amélie worked as a lead editor for KERB Journal of Landscape Architecture. Amélie also holds a Bachelor of Geography and Territory Planning from the University Paris X. Amélie's interests lie in issues of the idea of sustainable cities and landscapes, and how to connect people to nature in urban spaces

" ["expertise"]=> string(39) "Landscape Architecture & Concept Design" ["memberships"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(20) "Amelie T_Website.jpg" ["thumbPath"]=> string(16) "StaffImages/243/" ["thumbURL"]=> string(93) " T_Website.jpg" ["email"]=> string(25) "" ["linkedin"]=> string(0) "" ["phone"]=> string(12) "02 9188 7500" ["video"]=> string(0) "" ["videoURL"]=> string(31) "" ["studios"]=> array(1) { [0]=> object(stdClass)#57 (3) { ["ID"]=> string(1) "7" ["name"]=> string(6) "Sydney" ["flag"]=> string(0) "" } } } [5]=> object(stdClass)#60 (19) { ["ID"]=> string(3) "163" ["name"]=> string(11) "Jack Storch" ["qualifiShort"]=> string(24) "BDesArch (Hons), MUrbDes" ["qualifi"]=> array(2) { [0]=> string(68) "Bachelor of Design in Architecture (Hons.)" [1]=> string(48) "Master of Urban Design" } ["recognition"]=> array(0) { } ["discipline"]=> string(1) "2" ["position"]=> string(14) "Urban Designer" ["content"]=> string(809) "Jack completed his Bachelor of Design in Architecture (Hons) and a Master of Urban Design in 2021 from the University of Sydney. Since graduating his Architecture Degree, he has extensive experience in the delivery of urban design projects including green and blue grid sites, town centre masterplans, greenfield structure plans and urban renewal frameworks.

Jack is passionate about the interface between urban and natural environments. He sees that urban design provides a holistic understanding into the built environment, bringing together a large range of disciplines together.

Jack has achieved additional research into strategic green link design; and into Sydney’s parks and public spaces. He has a comprehensive understanding into planning policy and built form outcomes." ["expertise"]=> string(31) "Master Planning, Graphic Design" ["memberships"]=> string(47) "Student Member, Planning Institute of Australia" ["thumb"]=> string(18) "Jack S_Website.jpg" ["thumbPath"]=> string(16) "StaffImages/249/" ["thumbURL"]=> string(91) " S_Website.jpg" ["email"]=> string(25) "" ["linkedin"]=> string(0) "" ["phone"]=> string(12) "02 9188 7500" ["video"]=> string(0) "" ["videoURL"]=> string(31) "" ["studios"]=> array(1) { [0]=> object(stdClass)#59 (3) { ["ID"]=> string(1) "7" ["name"]=> string(6) "Sydney" ["flag"]=> string(0) "" } } } [6]=> object(stdClass)#62 (19) { ["ID"]=> string(3) "196" ["name"]=> string(9) "Luc Jones" ["qualifiShort"]=> string(12) "景观学士" ["qualifi"]=> array(1) { [0]=> string(73) " 园林专业本科,华南农业大学 (2012)" } ["recognition"]=> array(0) { } ["discipline"]=> string(1) "1" ["position"]=> string(15) "景观建筑师" ["content"]=> string(511) "刘宇翎毕业于华南农业大学园林专业(2012年),具有园林景观设计师中级职称。宇翎曾在深圳市翰博景观及建筑规划设计公司工作,并参与过多个深圳大型市政设计项目。她擅长项目协调、场地信息收集整合与图示化分析等工作。宇翎热爱旅游以及探索自然,希望通过景观建筑与城市主义的学科相结合,将提取于自然的元素融合于设计中,为当地居民创造具有使用价值的空间与场地。" ["expertise"]=> string(0) "" ["memberships"]=> string(37) "Associate Member, Landscape Institute" ["thumb"]=> string(40) "42c7a2f4-6369-43ba-b5a8-87c8eb22f8da.jpg" ["thumbPath"]=> string(16) "StaffImages/294/" ["thumbURL"]=> string(113) "" ["email"]=> string(26) "" ["linkedin"]=> string(0) "" ["phone"]=> string(15) "44 117 450 9680" ["video"]=> string(0) "" ["videoURL"]=> string(31) "" ["studios"]=> array(1) { [0]=> object(stdClass)#64 (3) { ["ID"]=> string(2) "11" ["name"]=> string(7) "Bristol" ["flag"]=> string(0) "" } } } [7]=> object(stdClass)#61 (19) { ["ID"]=> string(3) "198" ["name"]=> string(10) "Daryl Wong" ["qualifiShort"]=> string(38) "翻译硕士 翻译学士 管理学士" ["qualifi"]=> array(1) { [0]=> string(65) "翻译硕士 中国地质大学 (2017)," } ["recognition"]=> array(0) { } ["discipline"]=> string(1) "1" ["position"]=> string(12) "行政助理" ["content"]=> string(361) "王诗琦拥有翻译硕士学位及翻译&管理学双学士学位。诗琦曾在周大福担任过管理培训生,主要负责项目推行、新门店开张以及行政相关工作。在McGregor Coxall,诗琦主要负责翻译和办公设备采购等办公室工作,她同时为悉尼总部的财务、商务市场及人事团队提供帮助和支持。" ["expertise"]=> string(50) "Landscape Architecture, Urban Design, 3D Modelling" ["memberships"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(44) "McGregorCoxall-DARYL W_Landscape_Website.jpg" ["thumbPath"]=> string(16) "StaffImages/304/" ["thumbURL"]=> string(117) " W_Landscape_Website.jpg" ["email"]=> string(25) "" ["linkedin"]=> string(0) "" ["phone"]=> string(12) "02 9188 7500" ["video"]=> string(0) "" ["videoURL"]=> string(31) "" ["studios"]=> array(1) { [0]=> object(stdClass)#63 (3) { ["ID"]=> string(1) "7" ["name"]=> string(6) "Sydney" ["flag"]=> string(0) "" } } } [8]=> object(stdClass)#66 (19) { ["ID"]=> string(3) "211" ["name"]=> string(11) "Shota Saito" ["qualifiShort"]=> string(6) "MLArch" ["qualifi"]=> array(3) { [0]=> string(75) "Master of Landscape Architecture with Distinction" [1]=> string(70) "Master of Fine Arts (Landscape Architecture)" [2]=> string(67) "Bachelor of Arts (Landscape Architecture)" } ["recognition"]=> array(0) { } ["discipline"]=> string(1) "1" ["position"]=> string(19) "Landscape Architect" ["content"]=> string(921) "Shota is a Japanese Landscape Architect with experience in both Japanese domestic and international urban landscape projects when he worked for firms in Japan. He earned his Master of Landscape Architecture degree with Distinction from RMIT University and completed a Master of Fine Arts (Landscape Architecture) back at Kyoto University of Art and Design.

Shota is passionate about aquatic landscape architecture, focusing on the mutualism between humans and non-human stakeholders. His final project at RMIT University, Flux Aquascape, focuses on the microscopic marine ecosystems and the reviving of local fisheries and it was presented at Archifest 2020 in Singapore.

While Shota was in Japan, he gained knowledge of Japanese gardens by preserving world heritage gardens in Kyoto. Throughout his experience, he pursues various aspects of sustainable urban ecology as a landscape architect." ["expertise"]=> string(104) "Landscape Architecture, Concept Design, Drawing & Painting, Graphic Design, Model making, Marine Ecology" ["memberships"]=> string(54) "Graduate, Australian Institute of Landscape Architects" ["thumb"]=> string(22) "Shota S_CV_Website.jpg" ["thumbPath"]=> string(16) "StaffImages/320/" ["thumbURL"]=> string(95) " S_CV_Website.jpg" ["email"]=> string(25) "" ["linkedin"]=> string(0) "" ["phone"]=> string(12) "02 9188 7500" ["video"]=> string(0) "" ["videoURL"]=> string(31) "" ["studios"]=> array(1) { [0]=> object(stdClass)#65 (3) { ["ID"]=> string(1) "7" ["name"]=> string(6) "Sydney" ["flag"]=> string(0) "" } } } [9]=> object(stdClass)#68 (19) { ["ID"]=> string(3) "221" ["name"]=> string(13) "Johnny Castro" ["qualifiShort"]=> string(2) "ME" ["qualifi"]=> array(1) { [0]=> string(100) "Graduation at Civil Engineering and master’s degree of Hydraulic/Coastal" } ["recognition"]=> array(0) { } ["discipline"]=> string(1) "3" ["position"]=> string(24) "Civil & Coastal Engineer" ["content"]=> string(852) "Johnny (Joao) is a is a Civil and Coastal Engineer specialising in the sustainable design and management of coastal environments. Completing a Civil Engineering Masters majoring in Hydraulic/Coastal at the University of Engineering, Porto (Portugal), gaining experience in Portugal at the Port Authority of Douro, Leixões and Viana do Castelo, SA (APDLVC), Matosinhos. An avid surfer, Johnny applied his technical expertise through engineering placements at Wavegarden Surf Pool Technology and SurfSnowdonia (Wales), before undertaking a coastal engineering project back in Lisbon at the Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil (LNEC). Exchanging the beaches of Portugal for Manly, Johnny spent time as a member of the Northern Beaches Council’s Environment and Sustainability Division before joining McGregor Coxall’s Environment Team in Manly." ["expertise"]=> string(96) "Civil/Coastal Engineering, Coastal Design, Coastal Monitoring & Management, Sustainable thinking" ["memberships"]=> string(81) "Positive Skills Assessment, Engineers Australia; Member, Portuguese’s Engineers" ["thumb"]=> string(16) "Joao_MCGC_4K.jpg" ["thumbPath"]=> string(16) "StaffImages/350/" ["thumbURL"]=> string(89) "" ["email"]=> string(25) "" ["linkedin"]=> string(0) "" ["phone"]=> string(12) "02 9188 7500" ["video"]=> string(0) "" ["videoURL"]=> string(31) "" ["studios"]=> array(1) { [0]=> object(stdClass)#67 (3) { ["ID"]=> string(1) "7" ["name"]=> string(6) "Sydney" ["flag"]=> string(0) "" } } } [10]=> object(stdClass)#70 (19) { ["ID"]=> string(3) "223" ["name"]=> string(9) "朱玉桑" ["qualifiShort"]=> string(0) "" ["qualifi"]=> array(0) { } ["recognition"]=> array(0) { } ["discipline"]=> string(1) "1" ["position"]=> string(19) "Landscape Architect" ["content"]=> string(0) "" ["expertise"]=> string(0) "" ["memberships"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(30) "McGregorCoxall_RoryJohnson.jpg" ["thumbPath"]=> string(16) "StaffImages/352/" ["thumbURL"]=> string(103) "" ["email"]=> string(26) "" ["linkedin"]=> string(0) "" ["phone"]=> string(15) "44 117 450 9680" ["video"]=> string(0) "" ["videoURL"]=> string(31) "" ["studios"]=> array(1) { [0]=> object(stdClass)#69 (3) { ["ID"]=> string(2) "11" ["name"]=> string(7) "Bristol" ["flag"]=> string(0) "" } } } [11]=> object(stdClass)#72 (19) { ["ID"]=> string(3) "242" ["name"]=> string(10) "Huili Tang" ["qualifiShort"]=> string(50) "Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (Honor Class 1)" ["qualifi"]=> array(1) { [0]=> string(76) "Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (Honor Class 1)" } ["recognition"]=> array(0) { } ["discipline"]=> string(1) "1" ["position"]=> string(19) "Landscape Architect" ["content"]=> string(1008) "Huili completed the Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (Honor Class 1) in 2018 from University of New South Wales. Her graduation thesis focused on designing urban space as a communication system - by using innovative design process that is inspired by theatre play, public art and serial visual perception, dialogues and interactions between people and space are woven into the public space.

Since graduating, Huili has been working for the Sydney-based Landscape Architecture firm CLOUSTON Associates. She has experience on various local projects in Australia including public domain, memorial park, residential development, green infrastructure and urban

design master plan. Huili is passionate about delivering projects that have positive social, cultural and environmental outcome. Her experience of growing up in China, travelling and studying abroad, and working in Australia has also broadened her perspectives on creating meaningful space in the multicultural urban environment." ["expertise"]=> string(114) "Landscape Architecture, Concept Design, Master Plan & Framework, Construction Documentation, Graphic Communication" ["memberships"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(0) "" ["thumbPath"]=> string(0) "" ["thumbURL"]=> string(57) "" ["email"]=> string(25) "" ["linkedin"]=> string(0) "" ["phone"]=> string(12) "02 9188 7500" ["video"]=> string(0) "" ["videoURL"]=> string(31) "" ["studios"]=> array(1) { [0]=> object(stdClass)#74 (3) { ["ID"]=> string(1) "7" ["name"]=> string(6) "Sydney" ["flag"]=> string(0) "" } } } } } }

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