array(1) { [0]=> object(stdClass)#24 (3) { ["ID"]=> string(1) "7" ["name"]=> string(9) "Graduates" ["staffs"]=> array(15) { [0]=> object(stdClass)#27 (19) { ["ID"]=> string(3) "188" ["name"]=> string(10) "Tian Liang" ["qualifiShort"]=> string(6) "MLArch" ["qualifi"]=> array(1) { [0]=> string(58) "Master of Landscape Architecture" } ["recognition"]=> array(0) { } ["discipline"]=> string(1) "1" ["position"]=> string(28) "Graduate Landscape Architect" ["content"]=> string(686) "After completing a five-year urban planning course at Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology, Tian continued her studies at the University of Melbourne, where she transferred her master’s degree to Landscape Architecture. Coming from multi-disciplinary background, Tian has acquired knowledge across multi-scales in urban design and landscape architecture.

Tian has computer competences and excellent knowledge of a wide range of relevant design software. Since arriving in Melbourne, Tian has focused on urban landscape studies in public-realm projects. Tian is an observant person with passions in making meaningful, joyful and shared places for our people." ["expertise"]=> string(102) "Landscape Architecture, Sketching, Graphic Design, Site Analysis, Conceptual thinking, GIS application" ["memberships"]=> string(60) "Student Member, Australian Institute of Landscape Architects" ["thumb"]=> string(35) "McGregorCoxall-TIAN L_Landscape.png" ["thumbPath"]=> string(16) "StaffImages/298/" ["thumbURL"]=> string(108) " L_Landscape.png" ["email"]=> string(28) "" ["linkedin"]=> string(0) "" ["phone"]=> string(12) "03 9088 6500" ["video"]=> string(0) "" ["videoURL"]=> string(31) "" ["studios"]=> array(1) { [0]=> object(stdClass)#26 (3) { ["ID"]=> string(2) "10" ["name"]=> string(9) "Melbourne" ["flag"]=> string(0) "" } } } [1]=> object(stdClass)#28 (19) { ["ID"]=> string(3) "204" ["name"]=> string(6) "文念" ["qualifiShort"]=> string(6) "Master" ["qualifi"]=> array(1) { [0]=> string(107) "农学学士学位,中国农业大学设计学硕士学位,香港理工大学" } ["recognition"]=> array(0) { } ["discipline"]=> string(1) "1" ["position"]=> string(21) "助理景观设计师" ["content"]=> string(489) "文念于2013 至2017 年间开始在中国农业大学学习风景园林专业,获得学士学位,毕业后在香港理工大学攻读城市环境设计专业硕士学位。2015 年,她作为交换生到台中的台湾逢甲大学学习建筑。实习时修改项目施工图的经验教会了她如何使这个想法成为现实。同时,她具有多学科的教育背景,有更全面的思考。她很高兴学习到新知识,并渴望尝试不同的软件和表达风格。" ["expertise"]=> string(74) "Environmental Strategy, Site Analysis, Visual Communication, Documentation" ["memberships"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(21) "Nora Shao_4K_MCGC.jpg" ["thumbPath"]=> string(16) "StaffImages/309/" ["thumbURL"]=> string(94) " Shao_4K_MCGC.jpg" ["email"]=> string(25) "" ["linkedin"]=> string(0) "" ["phone"]=> string(12) "02 9188 7500" ["video"]=> string(0) "" ["videoURL"]=> string(31) "" ["studios"]=> array(1) { [0]=> object(stdClass)#29 (3) { ["ID"]=> string(1) "7" ["name"]=> string(6) "Sydney" ["flag"]=> string(0) "" } } } [2]=> object(stdClass)#31 (19) { ["ID"]=> string(3) "209" ["name"]=> string(10) "Jayden Yip" ["qualifiShort"]=> string(6) "MLArch" ["qualifi"]=> array(2) { [0]=> string(65) "Master of Landscape Architecture (Hons)" [1]=> string(62) "Bachelor of Environments (LA) (Hons)" } ["recognition"]=> array(0) { } ["discipline"]=> string(1) "1" ["position"]=> string(28) "Graduate Landscape Architect" ["content"]=> string(643) "After completing a three-year advance standing program with the University of Melbourne – Melbourne School of Design (MSD), Jayden has managed to graduate from both his Bachelor and Master’s Degree in Landscape Architecture while achieving the Deans Honor’s List for both academic milestones. His academic work has always taken a vibrant and prismatic presence, illustrating his profound interest in color compositions. Jayden is also skilled in an array of graphic tools that ensures his delivery of concepts having illustrative clarity and diversity, while highlighting the enthusiasm and perceptivity he has for Landscape Architecture" ["expertise"]=> string(110) "Graphic & Illustration, Visual Communication, Creative Layout, 3D Modeling & Rendering, Landscape Architecture" ["memberships"]=> string(54) "Graduate, Australian Institute of Landscape Architects" ["thumb"]=> string(22) "Jayden Y_Landscape.png" ["thumbPath"]=> string(16) "StaffImages/329/" ["thumbURL"]=> string(95) " Y_Landscape.png" ["email"]=> string(25) "" ["linkedin"]=> string(0) "" ["phone"]=> string(12) "02 9188 7500" ["video"]=> string(0) "" ["videoURL"]=> string(31) "" ["studios"]=> array(1) { [0]=> object(stdClass)#30 (3) { ["ID"]=> string(1) "7" ["name"]=> string(6) "Sydney" ["flag"]=> string(0) "" } } } [3]=> object(stdClass)#33 (19) { ["ID"]=> string(3) "210" ["name"]=> string(12) "Yaoyao Zhang" ["qualifiShort"]=> string(6) "MLArch" ["qualifi"]=> array(1) { [0]=> string(58) "Master of Landscape Architecture" } ["recognition"]=> array(0) { } ["discipline"]=> string(1) "1" ["position"]=> string(28) "Graduate Landscape Architect" ["content"]=> string(872) "Yaoyao completed his Master with Distinction in Landscape Architecture in 2021 from RMIT University. With his experience in modeling and visualisation, Yaoyao can bring strong visuals with distinct design language. In 2018, he has worked at a Chinese Architecture firm, engaged in public-realm projects, designing landscape installations. This experience has led to his journey in Landscape Architecture.

Yaoyao is passionate about Landscape Architecture and Landscape Installation, focusing on the dynamics between human and ecological processes. In his graduation project at RMIT - Adaptable Shrinkage, is looking at how design can sustainably reuse urban leftovers to activate post-industrial city.

Through the lens of human and non-human world, his goal in design is to create diverse connections between humans and the environment around us." ["expertise"]=> string(67) "Urban Planning, Landscape Architecture, 3D Modeling, Graphic Design" ["memberships"]=> string(53) "Student, Australian Institute of Landscape Architects" ["thumb"]=> string(26) "Yao Yao Z_CV_Landscape.png" ["thumbPath"]=> string(16) "StaffImages/333/" ["thumbURL"]=> string(99) " Yao Z_CV_Landscape.png" ["email"]=> string(25) "" ["linkedin"]=> string(0) "" ["phone"]=> string(12) "02 9188 7500" ["video"]=> string(0) "" ["videoURL"]=> string(31) "" ["studios"]=> array(1) { [0]=> object(stdClass)#32 (3) { ["ID"]=> string(1) "7" ["name"]=> string(6) "Sydney" ["flag"]=> string(0) "" } } } [4]=> object(stdClass)#35 (19) { ["ID"]=> string(3) "224" ["name"]=> string(11) "Julia White" ["qualifiShort"]=> string(13) "BLarch (Hons)" ["qualifi"]=> array(2) { [0]=> string(70) "Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (Honours)" [1]=> string(56) "Certificate II in Horticulture" } ["recognition"]=> array(0) { } ["discipline"]=> string(1) "1" ["position"]=> string(28) "Graduate Landscape Architect" ["content"]=> string(565) "Julia is a graduate landscape architect from the University of Technology Sydney with a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture with Honours in the year 2020. She then went on to complete a Certificate II in Horticulture with TAFE NSW in the following year, to widen her knowledge in botanical identification and horticulture, whilst gaining experience in a Sydney Landscape Design firm. Julia has participated in major projects across Sydney including works for Parramatta City upgrades, coastal cliff walks in the Northern Beaches area and the new Power House Museum." ["expertise"]=> string(58) "Landscape architecture, Landscape design, Adobe Suite, CAD" ["memberships"]=> string(59) "ALIA Member, Australian Institute of Landscape Architecture" ["thumb"]=> string(24) "Julia W_CV_Landscape.png" ["thumbPath"]=> string(16) "StaffImages/345/" ["thumbURL"]=> string(97) " W_CV_Landscape.png" ["email"]=> string(25) "" ["linkedin"]=> string(0) "" ["phone"]=> string(12) "02 9188 7500" ["video"]=> string(0) "" ["videoURL"]=> string(31) "" ["studios"]=> array(1) { [0]=> object(stdClass)#34 (3) { ["ID"]=> string(1) "7" ["name"]=> string(6) "Sydney" ["flag"]=> string(0) "" } } } [5]=> object(stdClass)#37 (19) { ["ID"]=> string(3) "228" ["name"]=> string(15) "Nathan Galluzzo" ["qualifiShort"]=> string(11) "BLA Masters" ["qualifi"]=> array(2) { [0]=> string(59) "Master of Architecture (Research)" [1]=> string(60) "Bachelor of Landscape Architecture" } ["recognition"]=> array(0) { } ["discipline"]=> string(1) "1" ["position"]=> string(28) "Graduate Landscape Architect" ["content"]=> string(1197) "Landscape Architecture at McGregor Coxall and tutor at University of Technology Sydney. Nathan's passion for Landscape Architecture comes from having a strong desire in creative thinking, the act of making, journeying through atmospheres and a love for the outdoors.

Nathan is a recipient of both the AILA Future Student award and the AILA National Student Award in 2021. He has worked alongside landscape architects across the globe as well as being a founding member of the Rotary’s “Road to Broadway” premier musical project in partnership with the Becon Foundation.

Nathan's recent work has seen the involvement and support from NSW Government and Councils where he investigates the complexities of coastal ecosystems and their cultural significance to Indigenous community groups. His methods used focuses on drawing as a way to capture, record and deliver stakeholder stories that go beyond data and science and include shared stories in tangent with the ephemeral nature of landscapes.

Outside of University and Community based activities, Nathan has a strong interest in hobby making, painting, physical activities and getting out in nature." ["expertise"]=> string(169) "Coastal System Mapping, GIS, Aboriginal Indigenous Integration and Communication, Stakeholder Workshop Facilitation, Graphic Design, 3D Pointcloud Model, Public Speaking" ["memberships"]=> string(67) "AILA Member (10730), Australian Institute of Landscape Architecture" ["thumb"]=> string(25) "Nathan G_CV_Landscape.png" ["thumbPath"]=> string(16) "StaffImages/347/" ["thumbURL"]=> string(98) " G_CV_Landscape.png" ["email"]=> string(25) "" ["linkedin"]=> string(0) "" ["phone"]=> string(12) "02 9188 7500" ["video"]=> string(0) "" ["videoURL"]=> string(31) "" ["studios"]=> array(1) { [0]=> object(stdClass)#36 (3) { ["ID"]=> string(1) "7" ["name"]=> string(6) "Sydney" ["flag"]=> string(0) "" } } } [6]=> object(stdClass)#39 (19) { ["ID"]=> string(3) "235" ["name"]=> string(9) "Alex Duff" ["qualifiShort"]=> string(10) "BLa (Hons)" ["qualifi"]=> array(2) { [0]=> string(58) "Master of Landscape Architecture" [1]=> string(67) "Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (Hons)" } ["recognition"]=> array(0) { } ["discipline"]=> string(1) "1" ["position"]=> string(28) "Graduate Landscape Architect" ["content"]=> string(897) "Over the course of her tertiary education Alex was fortunate to attend and be involved with design studios and exhibitions both domestically and overseas including opportunities in France and Switzerland. Both as part of a Global studio and International Biennial of Landscape Architecture university submission Alex has had the opportunity to broaden her experience to the variety of fields of practice that the profession can offer. Additionally upon completing a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (Hons) at UTS in 2020, Alex commenced a Masters of Landscape Architecture with thesis focused on the hidden details and microecologies of our urban landscapes. Derived from a passion for design and an ingrained desire to help the environment the her profession in Landscape Architecture satisfies a growing fascination with the environment and to care for it and its diverse range of inhabitants." ["expertise"]=> string(37) "Site analysis and Conceptual thinking" ["memberships"]=> string(66) "Student Member, Australia Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA)" ["thumb"]=> string(23) "Alex D_CV_Landscape.png" ["thumbPath"]=> string(16) "StaffImages/366/" ["thumbURL"]=> string(96) " D_CV_Landscape.png" ["email"]=> string(25) "" ["linkedin"]=> string(0) "" ["phone"]=> string(12) "02 9188 7500" ["video"]=> string(0) "" ["videoURL"]=> string(31) "" ["studios"]=> array(1) { [0]=> object(stdClass)#38 (3) { ["ID"]=> string(1) "7" ["name"]=> string(6) "Sydney" ["flag"]=> string(0) "" } } } [7]=> object(stdClass)#41 (19) { ["ID"]=> string(3) "243" ["name"]=> string(16) "Jasmine Phaktham" ["qualifiShort"]=> string(0) "" ["qualifi"]=> array(2) { [0]=> string(48) "Master of Urban Design" [1]=> string(67) "Bachelor of Architecture and Environments" } ["recognition"]=> array(0) { } ["discipline"]=> string(1) "2" ["position"]=> string(23) "Graduate Urban Designer" ["content"]=> string(484) "Jasmine is an emerging Urban Design professional, graduating from the University of Sydney with a Master of Urban Design. Jasmine has professional experience as a project coordinator, ensuring architectural designs were coordinated within respective local councils’ standards and regulations. With expertise in site analysis and 3D modelling, Jasmine is inspired by her pursuit to design meaningful places for communities and Country and deepen her understandings of the discipline." ["expertise"]=> string(54) "Site Analysis, 3D Modelling, Rendering, Report Writing" ["memberships"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(26) "JasminPhaktham_4K_MCGC.jpg" ["thumbPath"]=> string(16) "StaffImages/388/" ["thumbURL"]=> string(99) "" ["email"]=> string(25) "" ["linkedin"]=> string(0) "" ["phone"]=> string(12) "02 9188 7500" ["video"]=> string(0) "" ["videoURL"]=> string(31) "" ["studios"]=> array(1) { [0]=> object(stdClass)#40 (3) { ["ID"]=> string(1) "7" ["name"]=> string(6) "Sydney" ["flag"]=> string(0) "" } } } [8]=> object(stdClass)#43 (19) { ["ID"]=> string(3) "259" ["name"]=> string(17) "Nicholas Kempster" ["qualifiShort"]=> string(0) "" ["qualifi"]=> array(2) { [0]=> string(59) "Bachelor of Architectural Studies" [1]=> string(58) "Master of Landscape Architecture" } ["recognition"]=> array(0) { } ["discipline"]=> string(1) "1" ["position"]=> string(28) "Graduate Landscape Architect" ["content"]=> string(838) "Nick has moved to the McGregor Coxall office from Wellington, New Zealand, having previously worked at Wraight + Associates. He had previously worked on a range of projects from master planning stages through to documentation, with experience in community engagement as well as knowledge in landscape and cultural narratives within the New Zealand landscape. Prior to his professional career Nick had completed a Master of Landscape Architecture at Victoria University, Wellington. His thesis, titled 'Pentimento' explored how landscape architects can celebrate the horizons of history of a site whilst simultaneously mitigating the damaged caused. Nick ultimately became a landscape architect as he describes as "doing his part to make the world a better place". Nick also has experience working both in New Zealand and the United States" ["expertise"]=> string(66) "Landscape Architecture, Masterplanning, Urban Design, 3D Modelling" ["memberships"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(35) "McGregorCoxall-NICK K_Landscape.png" ["thumbPath"]=> string(16) "StaffImages/434/" ["thumbURL"]=> string(108) " K_Landscape.png" ["email"]=> string(28) "" ["linkedin"]=> string(0) "" ["phone"]=> string(12) "03 9088 6500" ["video"]=> string(0) "" ["videoURL"]=> string(31) "" ["studios"]=> array(1) { [0]=> object(stdClass)#42 (3) { ["ID"]=> string(2) "10" ["name"]=> string(9) "Melbourne" ["flag"]=> string(0) "" } } } [9]=> object(stdClass)#45 (19) { ["ID"]=> string(3) "260" ["name"]=> string(9) "Tiange Wu" ["qualifiShort"]=> string(0) "" ["qualifi"]=> array(2) { [0]=> string(70) "Master of Architecture and Civil Engineering" [1]=> string(60) "Bachelor of Landscape Architecture" } ["recognition"]=> array(0) { } ["discipline"]=> string(1) "1" ["position"]=> string(28) "Graduate Landscape Architect" ["content"]=> string(1026) "Tiange has been awarded degrees in Master of Architecture and Civil Engineering and Bachelor of Landscape Architecture in her past academic years. The multidisciplinary background provides her with solid technical knowledge for delivering more cohesive and well-considered design outcomes. Drawing on her passion for integrated water design, she recently commenced her PhD research on Design Response to Applying Nature-based Solutions for Integrated Urban Water Management in Lower Mekong Region Cities within the discipline of Landscape Architecture at RMIT University. The research also partly builds on her working experiences in CRC for Water Sensitive Cities, including the projects in China, Australia and Southeast Asia, which allows her to develop a broader view of landscape planning and design from the perspective of urbanism, management, economy and governance. Her research and practice consider water as an irreplaceable element for people to reconnect with nature and a catalyst for cities to build resilience." ["expertise"]=> string(117) "Integrated Urban Water Management, Nature-based Solutions, Sponge City Planning and Design, WSUD, Conceptual Thinking" ["memberships"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(21) "Tiange Wu_4K_MCGC.png" ["thumbPath"]=> string(16) "StaffImages/435/" ["thumbURL"]=> string(94) " Wu_4K_MCGC.png" ["email"]=> string(28) "" ["linkedin"]=> string(0) "" ["phone"]=> string(12) "03 9088 6500" ["video"]=> string(0) "" ["videoURL"]=> string(31) "" ["studios"]=> array(1) { [0]=> object(stdClass)#44 (3) { ["ID"]=> string(2) "10" ["name"]=> string(9) "Melbourne" ["flag"]=> string(0) "" } } } [10]=> object(stdClass)#47 (19) { ["ID"]=> string(3) "263" ["name"]=> string(9) "李泓岍" ["qualifiShort"]=> string(0) "" ["qualifi"]=> array(1) { [0]=> string(67) "Bachelor of Architecture and Environments" } ["recognition"]=> array(0) { } ["discipline"]=> string(1) "2" ["position"]=> string(23) "Graduate Urban Designer" ["content"]=> string(713) "Ashleigh is an emerging Urban Design professional, completing a Bachelor of Architecture and Environments (2019) at The University of Sydney and is currently completing her Master of Architecture. Uncovering her love of urbanism during her studies, Ashleigh has a well-rounded understanding of the built environment and is passionate about creating places for people. She strongly believes that good holistic design is a result of solid research, iterative experimentation, and an approach that is people centric. Stemming from a background of wildlife rescue, Ashleigh has firsthand seen the Anthropocene in action and consequentially puts sustainable and equitable design at the forefront of her design process." ["expertise"]=> string(58) "Sustainable Design, Urbanism, Graphic Design, Architecture" ["memberships"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "Ashleigh Vissel_4K_MCGC.jpg" ["thumbPath"]=> string(16) "StaffImages/438/" ["thumbURL"]=> string(100) " Vissel_4K_MCGC.jpg" ["email"]=> string(25) "" ["linkedin"]=> string(0) "" ["phone"]=> string(12) "02 9188 7500" ["video"]=> string(0) "" ["videoURL"]=> string(31) "" ["studios"]=> array(1) { [0]=> object(stdClass)#46 (3) { ["ID"]=> string(1) "7" ["name"]=> string(6) "Sydney" ["flag"]=> string(0) "" } } } [11]=> object(stdClass)#49 (19) { ["ID"]=> string(3) "274" ["name"]=> string(20) "Liam Aloisio-Shearer" ["qualifiShort"]=> string(15) "建筑学硕士" ["qualifi"]=> array(1) { [0]=> string(118) "米兰理工大学,建筑学硕士,2017米兰理工大学,环境建筑学学士,2013" } ["recognition"]=> array(0) { } ["discipline"]=> string(1) "1" ["position"]=> string(21) "初级城市设计师" ["content"]=> string(535) "Danilo来自意大利米兰,是一名注册建筑师,把他对环境的热情和创造更好城市空间的愿景带给了McGregor Coxall。 Danilo致力于探索创新环境和城市更新以及社会的可持续发展解决方案。Danilo具有大型综合项目,总体规划,城市生态系统,循环经济等项目经验。除了从事建筑学工作外,Danilo还曾在米兰理工大学工作,在该校讲授的课程包括城市更新,景观都市主义以及,米兰:一个意想不到的绿色增长城市。" ["expertise"]=> string(62) "Horticultual Knowledge, Landscape Design, Visual Communication" ["memberships"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(24) "Liam_Shearer_4K_MCGC.jpg" ["thumbPath"]=> string(16) "StaffImages/449/" ["thumbURL"]=> string(97) "" ["email"]=> string(25) "" ["linkedin"]=> string(0) "" ["phone"]=> string(12) "02 9188 7500" ["video"]=> string(0) "" ["videoURL"]=> string(31) "" ["studios"]=> array(1) { [0]=> object(stdClass)#48 (3) { ["ID"]=> string(1) "7" ["name"]=> string(6) "Sydney" ["flag"]=> string(0) "" } } } [12]=> object(stdClass)#51 (19) { ["ID"]=> string(3) "280" ["name"]=> string(12) "Tara Fischer" ["qualifiShort"]=> string(0) "" ["qualifi"]=> array(1) { [0]=> string(66) "Bachelor of Architecture and Environment" } ["recognition"]=> array(0) { } ["discipline"]=> string(1) "3" ["position"]=> string(43) "Graduate Architect & Environmental Designer" ["content"]=> string(393) "Tara is a Graduate Architect & Environment Designer at McGregor Coxall’s Manly Studio. She has recently completed a degree in Architecture and Environments from the University of Sydney in 2022, where she focused on Strategic Urbanism and Urban Ecology. Tara is enthusiastic about understanding and designing great urban areas through strong ecological and human-focused design and planning." ["expertise"]=> string(39) "Graphic Design, 3D Modelling, Rendering" ["memberships"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(23) "Tara F_CV_Landscape.png" ["thumbPath"]=> string(16) "StaffImages/455/" ["thumbURL"]=> string(96) " F_CV_Landscape.png" ["email"]=> string(25) "" ["linkedin"]=> string(0) "" ["phone"]=> string(12) "02 9188 7500" ["video"]=> string(0) "" ["videoURL"]=> string(31) "" ["studios"]=> array(1) { [0]=> object(stdClass)#50 (3) { ["ID"]=> string(1) "7" ["name"]=> string(6) "Sydney" ["flag"]=> string(0) "" } } } [13]=> object(stdClass)#53 (19) { ["ID"]=> string(3) "287" ["name"]=> string(15) "Daria Vazhenina" ["qualifiShort"]=> string(0) "" ["qualifi"]=> array(3) { [0]=> string(54) "Master of Design Management " [1]=> string(63) "Postgraduate Diploma in Civil Design " [2]=> string(45) "Mechanical Engineer" } ["recognition"]=> array(0) { } ["discipline"]=> string(1) "3" ["position"]=> string(29) "Graduate Environment Designer" ["content"]=> string(752) "Daria is an innovative professional, with a passion for multidisciplinary design projects and digital technologies. Her broad range of experiences and education allows her to draw from various industries and combine the best features to achieve exceptional results.

In her career, she has successfully implemented complex digital technology projects for Renault Russia Alliance. She was a pioneer in this field and received recognition for her work by participating in the international competition Bentley Digital Award 2021, where one of her projects was showcased. This experience has given her a unique skill set in the digital industry.

Daria is always seeking new challenges and opportunities to grow, extend and develop her skills." ["expertise"]=> string(75) "CAD, 3D Modeling, VR Technology, Educational Trainings in the Digital field" ["memberships"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(29) "DARIA_VAZHENINA_LANDSCAPE.jpg" ["thumbPath"]=> string(16) "StaffImages/462/" ["thumbURL"]=> string(102) "" ["email"]=> string(25) "" ["linkedin"]=> string(0) "" ["phone"]=> string(12) "02 9188 7500" ["video"]=> string(0) "" ["videoURL"]=> string(31) "" ["studios"]=> array(1) { [0]=> object(stdClass)#52 (3) { ["ID"]=> string(1) "7" ["name"]=> string(6) "Sydney" ["flag"]=> string(0) "" } } } [14]=> object(stdClass)#55 (19) { ["ID"]=> string(3) "299" ["name"]=> string(12) "Tanvi Khurmi" ["qualifiShort"]=> string(0) "" ["qualifi"]=> array(2) { [0]=> string(48) "BA (Hons) Architecture" [1]=> string(74) "Masters of Architecture in Bio-Integrated Design" } ["recognition"]=> array(0) { } ["discipline"]=> string(1) "1" ["position"]=> string(28) "Graduate Landscape Architect" ["content"]=> string(980) "Tanvi is a multidisciplinary designer and artist. Her practice is focused on addressing and combatting issues surrounding the climate crisis. She believes the future of design is contingent upon re-establishing humankind’s connection with the natural world through stories, art, and innovation.

After receiving a Bachelor’s in Architecture with a minor in Environmental Studies from the John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture at the University of Toronto, she has earned a Masters of Architecture in Bio-Integrated Design at the Bartlett School of Architecture at University College London.

With a focus on material exploration and environmentally informed design, she explores how traditional knowledge systems, biology, and technology can collaborate to generate caring design for both humans and non-humans.

She aspires to apply lessons learned from her speculative design thinking to meaningfully advance climate conscious design practice and action." ["expertise"]=> string(48) "Bio-Design, Conceptual Thinking, Graphics Design" ["memberships"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(37) "McGregor-Coxall-Team-Tanvi-Khurmi.jpg" ["thumbPath"]=> string(16) "StaffImages/480/" ["thumbURL"]=> string(110) "" ["email"]=> string(26) "" ["linkedin"]=> string(0) "" ["phone"]=> string(15) "44 117 450 9680" ["video"]=> string(0) "" ["videoURL"]=> string(31) "" ["studios"]=> array(1) { [0]=> object(stdClass)#57 (3) { ["ID"]=> string(2) "11" ["name"]=> string(7) "Bristol" ["flag"]=> string(0) "" } } } } } }

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