PLYMOUTH MARJON NORTH QUAD News / New Project / 01.04.2019

McGregor Coxall has been working with the University and key stakeholders to upgrade the existing North Quad, a key component in the campus open space network. The activated ‘North Quad’ will form a seamless accessible extension between the internal and external environment supporting the three key functions: dining space, event space and reflective space. This design will form a catalyst to the redevelopment of ‘the Quad’ and the surrounding campus area.

Central to the teams approach for the North Quad will be to create a focal point for the campus, which supports a variety of social and educational needs. Our design approach will also consider the strategic opportunities for the quad in its entirety and the surrounding campus environment. This ensures that the 'North Quad' initiatives form part of a wider regeneration narrative that catalyses and reinvigorates the quad area through a design process that places great emphasis on shared ownership, social interaction and public realm innovation.