WAVERLEY WSUD STUDY News / New Project / 04.05.2018

The McGregor Coxall environment team recently completed feasibility assessments to deliver additional Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) infrastructure and improve stormwater quality in one of Sydneys most iconic suburbs, Waverley. Our strategic approach was underpinned by an appreciation of the different receiving environments that Waverley drains to and their respective target pollutants. The team undertook data collection, modelling and site investigations across 10 locations, making water treatment recommendations and developing concept design options for future implementation. McGregor Coxall developed a range of WSUD infrastructure including raingardens, permeable paving footpaths, harvesting and reuse systems and permeable pipes to provide an integrated scheme stretching across the whole borough. Our final reports for each site provided not only technical analysis and feasibility of the stormwater treatment works, but also a landscape vision for how the system might respond to and enhance the public amenity around it.